I fixed some things

I fixed some things

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Posted on: October 2, 2011 by Kam

Ohai. I fixed the site a bit.

Some changes:

  • Changed the font from Verdana to Helvetica
  • In turn, made it bigger. More noticeable in the main content (like the news here)
  • Indent in the news/blog for nicer layout
  • Jammed the RSS into Feedburner, so update your links, visitors!
  • Fixed the search bar in IE
  • Made the banner show a random banner again as I intended too. Swaps between Kurimu and Kanade at the moment
  • Removed the currently watching, as I hadn’t updated it in a loooooong time anyways. Just stalk me on MAL or something.
  • Made a silly post stating all the minor changes as if this was a game patch. Oh woe is me.
Anime-Envoy v11!

Anime-Envoy v11!

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Posted on: March 20, 2010 by Kam

After a week of fiddling and skullcracking, Anime-Envoy v11 is ready~!
Well, the blog and general gist of it anyways. I’ll do something about the Summaries on a later date.
So those will still be on the old layout.

You should be able to comment now without an account (And I hope the antispam works!!) and even gravatars work.
RSS is also there and some other silly things I stuffed in, like the “Watching” tab.
My only peeve so far is that WP saved 7 (Make that over 20 now for some reason)  revisions of this article alone.. Annoying.

Internet Explorer is also still being a bitch about the divs. I’m working on it.
It’ll also center all posts for god knows what reason. Damned browser.

Regular erm, blogging? will resume soon~

State of affairs

State of affairs

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Posted on: March 14, 2010 by Kam

Think I’ll use this twitterlike for now, like how you folk call it

Currently figuring out how WP works.

Finally managed to get the avatar before the post title! yay!

Next up see how to set the divs/css for the layout. Looks so simple yet so complicated..

Been working on it even at work. Skin’s done, though the content may be off by 1px dependent on the browser you use (Which is strange, since Firefox at home doesn’t show the problem yet Firefox at work does..)
If you know a fix, contact me~

Still bugging with the left nav’s feel. Should I keep the dots?

All thats left is to edit the remaining templates..
But to see results I need to switch WP to the index.php
Be aware that the site might look broken during these tests~

New edit:
Blog-parts work, will do the rest later.
Reverted back to old AE, till then!

In Comic News..

In Comic News..

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Posted on: December 28, 2009 by Kam

This is getting repeative, hmm.

Yes, Requiem and Anivoy haven’t been updated in a while.
Yes, my sin is Sloth (But isn’t she great in Umineko?)
Yes, I could draw them in evening, but then the above kicks in.

Then there are distractions like the VN’s I’m reading (Ever17, Chaos;Head, Umineko Chiru and Higurashi), the anime I watch and my latest obsession of making silly pictures of my figures and posting them on figure.fm. And there’s the AMV I’m almost done with making for Tsunacon 2010 AMV Contest (Got a title to defend!)

It’s a vicious cycle.

In the meantime, I got the whole plot written down for Requiem.
The Requiem VN is on a halt, since I’d rather just finish the comic and then adjust accordingly (Also need a guy for music and a pro artist or something, heh).
Then there’s a VN I’m writing which is still in it’s concept phase.. Even though I can daydream the epic scenes all I want, I cba to draw them out. I only have very vague sketches of the 3 main cast members and I’m confusing myself with my own plot as I keep adding new things. It’s painful.

Job takes up more than half of the day every weekday, weekends I sleep out till noon. I have no vacation and I’m tired.

Being lazy is quite.. Annoying.

Enough ranting, here’s the deal.
I want to finish this comic. It’s just that at some parts I can’t imagine how to draw them. But when I’m into it, I can make three comics easily.

So coming up before the year ends;
At least to somewhere at Ventari’s place! (Yeah. Denravi was too optimistic..)

As for Anivoy, it might stay photo-comics for a while.
Need to push that obsession somewhere and it’s better off at a place where it’s entertaining and not rotting away.

I wanted to make Carus sing the “I’m so Happy”-song at the Frost Gate, but I had no idea how to draw that. Instead, you’ll have to put up with him cross dressing when we get back there. Enjoy!

Next post will be a “Highlights of Anime I Watched This Year”-kind of post.

It's Here~

It’s Here~

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Posted on: July 25, 2009 by Kam

The Siesta Sister Corps welcomes you to the new version of Anime-Envoy.com:
Version 10.3 – “Siestastatic Figure Frenzy” (It went through a few revisions in the progress..)

Spell checked the old Summaries and edited them a little, also some updates there. Most of what was in the Main Menu like Link Us, Contact etc. is all now in the “About” section.

You might also notice we got merch Ad’s now.
If you click those and buy whatever you want from those sites, we get a few dollars to pay server costs with. Win-Win situation.

For funky bits, the Siestas in the top-right swap between two, both having different dialog.

For the rest, not much has changed. Comics are still where they are~
Give the About page a read if you have the time.