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  • I want to get off Mr. Roofrepair's Wild Ride

    I want to get off Mr. Roofrepair’s Wild Ride

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    Posted on: October 4, 2019 by Kam

    Almost a year later and the roof’s still not repaired…..
    This was supposed to be fixed by April at latest!

    After inquiring, the bank and mortgage are arguing with each other. It’s similar to that you have to earn 3x the money of what you pay rent for or something.
    Well we’re soon getting news finally about whether we get the cash (and hopefully we do) and then (I heard) the repairs can start asap.

    If only it was at least a month earlier.. Heatwave after heatwave, barely rain…. AND NOW IT’S RAINING NON-STOP AGAIN!
    A new leak has already surfaced and old ones are going at it again!

    The Revoltech EVAs got another shower! …I’m just glad I have those on that shelf since they’re pretty resilient against these things.
    Anything else like figma or scales would’ve been ruined….

    I’ve got some free time and using it to dust the room (really needed it) and per usual, shit gets broken/damaged at least once every session…
    Now Saber decided she didn’t need Avalon anymore and threw that scabbard on the ground.
    Not sure if the scratches I see are new or not… But still annoys me.

    Re-posed the *Monogataris so far and placed them on a new base (3 di:stages to 1 big stage).
    Yotsugi and the 2 Shinobus are still boxed, but I’ll add them to this eventually.

    I’ve also gotta do some.. Site maintenance in the background over the coming months.
    So if things are breaking, you’ll know what’s up.

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