Goodbye, Kaichou!

Goodbye, Kaichou!

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Posted on: June 2, 2019 by Kam

Switched it on/off during the weekend, but now it’s here to stay! Version 12: Becoming One with Anivoy.

The main goal was to merge Anime-Envoy and Anivoy without.. Server fuckery.
Because having loot photos with one url, but being shown/hosted on the other caused all kinds of WTFness.
So I just went with similar looks. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Kaichou’s radiant smile and oshiri.. OR DO WE!?
Her legacy lives on, in a new Anime & Manga-category icon (which I have now future-proofed to add more to)!

From now on, everything will be mainly marked as Anivoy. You can even see in the banner that Anime-Envoy has been sidelined!
See it like.. Mikatan’s blog now being Kahotan’s blog, but everything is still linked as Mikatan.. y’know? <.<

Anyways, I’m still messing with the sidebar (Mainly the Twitter timeline css, but too tired right now), so if something appears broken, give a shout.

Only made with Firefox in mind. No idea if it all works in IE, Chrome, whatever.
For now, I do not care. It’s hot, I’m tired and I have work tomorrow.

And another .1 added!

And another .1 added!

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Posted on: October 12, 2014 by Kam

And Anivoy’s updated once more!
This time to 1.2 – The World is Coded.

Though it may still look the same, I actually converted the Flash Splash and the Flash Banner into html/css! Now Google can crawl all over the place without a hitch.. Fufufu..

But as usual, Internet Explorer would break everything, so I added code that they see the simple stuff, while the other browsers get the fancy dropdown menus and stuff.

You might notice some additional comic series in that dropdown.
Some of them are currently in T2, but they’ll get their own pages eventually.

I’m currently figuring out a new theme for AE and Anivoy to share, just with a pallet swap.
But the new dropdowns are at least a tease.

More like Anivoy 1.1 instead of 2.0

More like Anivoy 1.1 instead of 2.0

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Posted on: February 20, 2014 by Kam

Well, I somehow managed to finish that little project.. its new splash page is live!

  • Giant buttons going all over the place
  • A lil Updates pad for Portfolio updates (As really, the cms I used there was so overblown..
  • Center image is randomly picked upon refresh! There’s like, 7 different images in there. F5 THEM ALL!!
  • Moved around/merged  some categories on Anivoy, added Photos (Still have to add the actual pages though, keep waiting)
  • Scéal stealth announcement, have a look. Basically the entire thing is pure novel in notepad files at the moment, but the VN is making progress in Ren’py. Trying to make it work akin to Rose Guns Days, that shooting minigame. Else I’ll.. well.. Just make it flash CGs around and throw away that interactivity… Alas.
  • New Requiem OP in the making to continue the comic with. We’ll timeskip to say.. The boat. Or something.
  • “Anivoy” T2 ideas are also on paper, but not on PC.

Stay tuned~ v1.1 - The World is Updated v1.1 – The World is Updated

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Posted on: February 20, 2014 by Kam

Welcome to, the artistic side of

The site hosts my portfolio and also the webcomics/stories I work on.
Those being:
– Webcomic “Anivoy” (T2)
– Requiem for Sanity (Currently still on AE, but moving over)
– Scéal

Recently I also made the links to my youtube videos more visible and decided to add the photos I took at conventions and the comedic photos that I take of my figures (Figma, Revoltech, etc). Some of those return frequently in T2’s comics, in “The Legend of Araragi-kun” storyline.

Anivoy started as a webcomic under the name of Webcomic “Anivoy”, with the name being a merger of the main site’s name (It had great plans in a story-sense too, but that went down the gutter).
Eventually it was destined for a bigger purpose!
To become a “brand” for me where people wouldn’t sigh in disappointment to.
(What’d intrigue a normal person more, Anime-Envoy or Anivoy?)

Unfortunately, others have picked upon the name nowadays..
In 2005~2009, you’d only get my site (+DevArt) and some spammy ones if you searched for Anivoy on Google. Now you get a lot more.. junk.
Of those results, only this site, DeviantArt and MrKammy belong to me.

Overall, I like designing. Just look at how many layouts I’ve gone through on AE.
The time really ticks away when you do something you enjoy.

Incoming Anivoy 2.0?

Incoming Anivoy 2.0?

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Posted on: February 17, 2014 by Kam

Thinking of changing the site again – at least the side.
Some nice splash page with buttons going to the comics, ‘folio and here.. (and not have to manually change the copyright year on every footer. I should just go with 2009+ or something, geez.)
Yeah, that’d be cool.
Now if only I didn’t get distracted so easi-
Oh, new episodes..