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  • The Ballad of 3DS Games

    The Ballad of 3DS Games

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    Posted on: June 8, 2019 by Kam

    General Figure Comics briefly returns with the 3DS Woes Trilogy and Kyon’s quest to save Haruhi.
    Maybe Reycal vs Saber too.

    The last two are shorts that I had posted on figure.fm, but since that site’s as dead as a fish without water now, and I never uploaded them here… Might as well!
    The 3DS ones are new and self-suffering, but it gave me the opportunity to finally check if chroma-keying is a valid method with my current setup.

    It was not. Need moar lights.

    Sat-Mo: 3DS, Tue Wed: Kenshiro & Kyon, Th: Reycal.
    Maybe I can fill Friday with something too, gotta dig deep in that archive.

    As a sidenote, I got all the games except Omega Ruby and Y before the 2DS.
    So.. That’s six. Still two less than with the Switch, at least! :V

    p.s.: I suck at Twitter.
    Fucking cache and forgetting hashtags, urgh!

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