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It's all so quiet
It’s all so quiet
Posted on: April 5th, 2012 by Kam

Recovery of my eye is proceeding well; I will have a check-up on Tuesday to see if I will have to stop playing pirate.
In worse news, my laptop’s screen stopped working a while ago. Remember me talking about how it looked like demons possessed it last year? Guess they finally won.
So now I’m looking for a new one that could hopefully play GW2 as well – which I Pre-Purchased the Pre-Order of the Pre-Purchase Collector’s Edition from at
New Requiem comic is on the way, hold on to your seats.

One Response to “It’s all so quiet”

  1. Mitchell-kun says:

    *holds on seat*

    That’s good that your eye is okay, but can’t really say the same for your screen.

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