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  • It's been 84 years..

    It’s been 84 years..

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    Posted on: December 18, 2023 by Kam

    Hey there, how’s it going?
    Me? Terrible. 2023 was an awful year. Lot of bad things happened, and it was hard to stay optimistic. With that out of the way, let’s look at what’s in store for Anivoy.

    It’s no secret it’s basically been abandoned since well before 2020, and I stuck to small posts on Twitter instead (I refuse to call it X).
    That might…. Come to an end, soon™ (Wow, I know that unicode by heart now).

    If everything goes well in the coming months, I’m planning to finally rework the behind-the-scenes of the site. A lot of links will die, yes, but it’s not like I have to care about the search indexing now with the years of inactivity. Those ranks have plummeted, especially with google nagging me to make the site “smartphone friendly”- NO! NEVER!
    I mainly want to permanently move Anime-Envoy over to Anivoy, so all those links will just end up redirecting, I guess.

    The nerves in my arm have also somewhat recuperated. There’s still the occasional jab at times, but it doesn’t take weeks to disappear like before. I feel like I can return to my site activities soon.
    I’ll be frank, I’ve lost a lot of interest in Guild Wars over the years. Mainly because of how Korean MMO their art direction went with the cash shop items.
    Yeah, I at least finished the Cantha expansion when it came out, but the latest one is still on the backlog.. along with many other games. Oh god, has my Switch backlog grown massively.

    I already had a rough time continuing Requiem for Sanity, because of a combination of wanting to go more action-orientated (which I can’t) and being in a godawful slow part of the story I really, really want to skip, but it has the part in it explaining why I’ve been neglecting Mai so much in every Media Project I’ve done in favor of Mirei.
    I envied other webcomics at the time that just did random gags, but I really wanted to follow a storyline. I still regret butchering that interview I had on a podcast, so I might upload a revised version sometime.
    At this age, I’ve largely forgotten what I was trying to do with this whole Appolyon business and the notes my younger self made make no sense to me either anymore.
    This old brain will have to rework all of that somehow. So as far as Requiem is concerned, it’ll remain on hiatus. Worse than Hunter x Hunter.
    It doesn’t help either that I had this grand storyline for the GW2 sequel in mind, with that VN I worked on being part of it. Still 50 rewrites later…

    Well how about Webcomic Anivoy then?
    I only have contact with Haitani at times now. Last I heard he’s still messing with 3D H-games, to no-one’s surprise.
    At least Anivoy’s more 1-off slapstick/random and not story-line focused anymore after I trashed that Tokyo arc haha.
    This one I at least intend to continue because I can turn my brain off, so T.B.C. Least the drafts I had for these make more sense!

    Flash’s exile……. Yeah, the comics were all drawn in Flash. I just prefer the tools it has for what I’m doing and I liked making short animations at times.
    These however I now have to convert to video format, which is a huge PITA. I tried converting #62 multiple times but the visuals just don’t appear. It’s such an audio-dependent gag that I can’t just PNG it.


    So yeah, that’s something.


    I just got back from buying cake for myself and got a.o. a LEGO Stormtrooper mech.
    That’s gonna be fun.

    Edit: Well scrap all that for now, the nightmare continues.
    Can’t do shit in this environment, gotta look for a new, hopefully permanent place, asap.

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