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  • Goodbye, Kaichou!

    Goodbye, Kaichou!

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    Posted on: June 2, 2019 by Kam

    Switched it on/off during the weekend, but now it’s here to stay!
    Anime-Envoy.com Version 12: Becoming One with Anivoy.

    The main goal was to merge Anime-Envoy and Anivoy without.. Server fuckery.
    Because having loot photos with one url, but being shown/hosted on the other caused all kinds of WTFness.
    So I just went with similar looks. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Kaichou’s radiant smile and oshiri.. OR DO WE!?
    Her legacy lives on, in a new Anime & Manga-category icon (which I have now future-proofed to add more to)!

    From now on, everything will be mainly marked as Anivoy. You can even see in the banner that Anime-Envoy has been sidelined!
    See it like.. Mikatan’s blog now being Kahotan’s blog, but everything is still linked as Mikatan.. y’know? <.<

    Anyways, I’m still messing with the sidebar (Mainly the Twitter timeline css, but too tired right now), so if something appears broken, give a shout.

    Only made with Firefox in mind. No idea if it all works in IE, Chrome, whatever.
    For now, I do not care. It’s hot, I’m tired and I have work tomorrow.

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