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  • I fixed some things

    I fixed some things

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    Posted on: October 2, 2011 by Kam

    Ohai. I fixed the site a bit.

    Some changes:

    • Changed the font from Verdana to Helvetica
    • In turn, made it bigger. More noticeable in the main content (like the news here)
    • Indent in the news/blog for nicer layout
    • Jammed the RSS into Feedburner, so update your links, visitors!
    • Fixed the search bar in IE
    • Made the banner show a random banner again as I intended too. Swaps between Kurimu and Kanade at the moment
    • Removed the currently watching, as I hadn’t updated it in a loooooong time anyways. Just stalk me on MAL or something.
    • Made a silly post stating all the minor changes as if this was a game patch. Oh woe is me.

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