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  • Because I'm a Switcher

    Because I’m a Switcher

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    Posted on: November 17, 2019 by Kam

    Astral Chain pre-order bonus shirt, and a cheap €5 Mercy shirt, because why not.

    Decided to make it its own blogpost instead of editing the previous one.
    Switch loot!

    But before that, unfortunately.. the Roof Repair Saga continues on…
    Cause of all delays and stress. Now I’m hearing February.
    This better be the last damn date change, because my hair’s literally turning white from this shit.
    I’m also sick of the post ruining my NGNL merch.

    When you pre-order at multiple places because of it selling out everywhere.

    ..it happened again. But hey, language differences now! Also, THIS IS NOT A 21CM FIGURE, NINTENDO!!!


    Kinda sucks I have to wait for that exFAT thing to get fixed. I don’t want to remove my SD card every time….

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