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  • Last rant before the switch

    Last rant before the switch

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    Posted on: May 31, 2019 by Kam

    Picture unrelated. I just wanna show off my Guppies :V

    Said switch being the Anivoyization of AE, not the Nintendo Switch. Even though I rant about my OCD with it a lot (Just had to find out there was a slight brighter spot in the corner last night… After almost 6 months… ARGH! Well, I do mainly play TV-mode).

    New layout’s done (Well that was the easy part, using the current Anivoy theme, make it 2 columns and change the banner), converted it to css/wordpress theme (See fuming on twitter) and now all that’s left is some clean-up involving older blogposts (categories are a huge mess) and work out some css customization magic on the Twitter embed and P-A ads.

    But that’s for another time, right now I’m in a Let’s Go rush to Fuschia City because I know no one else who plays it and my only chance for offline trading/Meltan is at a kids’ birthday party soon :V
    Though it’s nice playing with pokemon I didn’t use much in other games.
    I used to be the all starters + Snorlax, legendary birds, Mewtwo etc kind of guy through RBY.
    Sort-of-benched starter Pikachu and decided Nidoran(m) was my starter poke. I kinda like Nidorino, which it is now.
    Was my first pokemon card, too. Unsure if I should King it. I also never used Gloom, and now it’s my highest level….

    Edit because I was a tard and forgot to “Publish” this post: I got my Trade-Evos and a Shiny Eevee from the US event, woo~
    No Meltan though. Maybe next time.

    But to rant a bit more, I got some sweet stuff from a sale:

    It was an out-of-business-sale, so no returns/refunds (All the Starlink stuff was €3 total).
    Turns out my new New Nintendo 2DS XL has pixels issues.
    Wanted to call Nintendo in the weekend, but closed. Want to call them on workdays, but.. My office hours don’t give me that luxury.
    So there’s email. Thankfully. Only I’ve been waiting a week now and still no reply :|
    …discovering the Switch thing I mentioned earlier after this was/is annoying too, but at least they aren’t discolored pixels and it’s more in a corner instead of the center area of the screen.

    Edit because I was a tard and forgot to “Publish” this post:  I finally got to call them during work hours.
    It was only then that they noticed my email. Anyways, I sent my 2DS for repair, but got a new replacement with my profile transferred to it back.
    No pixels issues at least.

    So much backlog…
    I think I’m a 3/5th into Ys 8 now. (Edit: Chapter 5)
    I still want to finish that before starting on Xenoblade Chronicles 2. One anime RPG at a time, don’t juggle.
    Though I want to play Caligula too~ Maybe I should sort everything into categories and then make a queue for them…

    I’m playing Final Fantasy III on my DS during lunch breaks right now (Last of the physical DS backlog), and the job grind is making me fall asleep.
    I think I’ll just stick to the current ones and go with that for the rest of the game. I just want to see THE END.
    Though I’ve also read the final dungeon is a B—-…

    Or tag out and change to PSP now that I got  a new case for it (As much as I like Angel Beats, the case was kinda embarrassing in public..).

    Or jump over and bring the 2DS to work. Though I’ve only got Pokemon and Zelda games for it right now..
    And my colleagues already make pokemon jokes. :|
    Nah… Thing still needs screen protectors, too. C’MON AMFILM, RESTOCK THAT AMAZON!

    This all kinda sucks.
    When I was a NEET I barely played games (Because the little money I had went to figures.. Welp), and now that I’m a contributing member of society I want to play games but have no time!


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