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  • Time for an update

    Time for an update

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    Posted on: December 31, 2020 by Kam

    Haven’t updated since… March… So let’s get on with it.

    Site updates: I only want to ‘blog’ when I have WALL OF TEXT. Not much happened to warrant that, so that’s why my Twitter’s become so active. It’s good for the short bursts.
    Then in the background of the site itself, there’s technical difficulties that I have a hard time dealing with that requires me to convert a lot of things. Because now all I get are errors..
    So when I do go through with it, HUGE chance that at least the comic urls will change. Well, I’ve given up on Google rankings anyways.
    It keeps pestering me to make the site smartphone friendly.
    No, Google. No.

    Comic updates: The elephant in the room. We’ll start with Requiem, since that’s what got most people here.
    I have no fucking clue. My memory is shit, my many MANY notes are shit and I have no idea where I was heading anymore with the original parts of the story. That whole Apollyon thing.
    If I continue with Requiem, it’ll definitely get a bunch of retcons.
    On another note, I’m not as highly interested in GW1 anymore. With GW2 however, I got loads of notes, scripts and messy artwork, even a demo for a Visual Novel. I just cannot… Get it out.
    Mainly the art department, because-

    Might have mentioned it before or not, but years ago, the muscles in my arm got ‘overstressed’ as the doctor called it.
    It went all back to normal for a while, until the start of 2018 where I worked a job that had a lot of repetitive movements (Assembly, yay….), which caused my muscles to get fucked again and it hasn’t recovered since.
    It’s not carpal tunnel, RSI, etc. Doctor still says it’s overstressed and recovery could be weeks to years….
    This of course has a heavy impact on how I make the comics using mouse, and my tablet to monitor coordination is just awful outside of coloring/cleaning up images.
    And I’m not buying a fancy tablet screen.

    That brings us back to the GW2 project. That VN needs a lot of drawings (And the script’s been reworked… 4x now…?)

    But now for some better news…

    I fully intend to continue Webcomic Anivoy again in 2021.
    Third time’s the charm, right? It might go through some stylistic changes (More drastic than just applying nendoroid logic), trying to figure out how I can do digital works in my situation. It is taking the ‘Quack Experimental’ from Excel Saga literally, after all.
    Personally, I’ve always felt a lot of them looked stiff/repetitive framing-wise. But a lot of people still seem to enjoy them.
    It’s that thing where artists see all their own faults? Like, I still can’t believe I won a contest for making a truck design at one of my old workplaces. It was a shitty brush job that only took a few minutes because I was actually trying to get my work done (A flash site at the time, aged poorly haha).
    But they all loved it, so whatever. It couldn’t be applied to the truck IRL though, because the res was too low lol.
    And I was thankfully sick when they wanted me standing on that truck for a parade. Not my thing.

    So there you have it. Forgot what Teen-Kam had in mind, hand fucked, still want to continue somehow.
    Meantime, in this stuck-at-home corona-filled world, I’m gaming the time away. Genshin Impact’s pretty fun, resin and gacha aside.
    Still got a huge Switch backlog to go through, too. At least controller play doesn’t affect me much.

    Oh, and the figure comics.
    Yeah, room’s still a mess because I was playing games instead of unpacking :V
    It’s improving though, only.. 100 or so things left.. (It was a lot more before last summer, believe me).
    I’ll post pictures once there’s more progress. Currently making a Pokemon – Smash – Mario display on my main desk. Looks pretty neat so far.
    Just don’t know what to do with Persona/SMT… Thanathos/Izanagi don’t fit the space where I got the Phantom Thieves… Hmm..

    Let’s hope 2021 will be better-
    >Everything from outside the EU will be taxed, doesn’t matter if it’s less than €22
    >Japan’s shipping prices going up
    >Prices of figures going up, while quality going down

    It’s going to be another wild ride, isn’t it?


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