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  • Just look at that booty

    Just look at that booty

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    Posted on: December 5, 2011 by Kam

    Alright, lootposting time.
    Last time I left off with a Nendoroid invasion.
    This time, it’ll be a Figma one I guess..

    The pic up here is the most recent stuff, minus the AmiAmi Zero Hanyu I picked up today at the post office.. (damned taxes.. Wasted almost €60 on those this month already..)

    So let’s go through the recent list and see whatever complaints or else appears..

    SEGA Fate/Extra, Saber
    Comparing with my other SEGA figs, pretty damn nice.
    She comes with Arturia’s head as well for some reason… What? Thought just “Saber” wouldn’t sell, SEGA? Thought you had to add the original Saber too?!
    I’ll just treat it as her decapitated head.. For the glory of Rome (as it burns into ashes)!
    Edit: Later found out it’s just an art-switch head. Between Takeuchi and Wada.

    SEGA Baka Test, Shouko Bunny ver.
    Had it next to the swimsuit version yesterday for a bit.
    Hair is more dark on the bunny one and the quality looks a bit better.
    Her heels left a mark on the base though..

    Nendoroid Petit Extension set, Fate/Stay Night
    The set includes petit Archer, Lancer, Caster and Saber Alter.
    Berserker is a fullsized Nendoroid with that scale..
    Every single one of them had a smudge on their face that I had to wipe off with an eraser.
    Other complaint would be that it got taxed. From HS, even. HOW?!

    PSP Black Rock Shooter The Game, Limited Edition
    Includes: Figma White Rock Shooter, a mini artbook, soundtrack and an AmiAmi exclusive BRS fan.
    Grabbed it off the sale, so it was an impulse buy..
    Haven’t played the game yet, so no comment on that.
    The Figma is pretty awesome. I do fear that the “wings” might fall off any moment, as there’s not a lot of friction to keep those pegs stuck in her backpack.
    I also had to jam a screwdriver in the hole in her back to make it a bit bigger, as the pegs of the stand & backpack wouldn’t fit.
    Also got taxed..

    Figma Ore no Imouto, Ayase
    She’s.. pretty bland.
    Had some white paint dust on her head I had to wipe off.
    Rest is cool.
    She’s currently running around like a yandere on my desk.
    She got taxed too..

    Figma Raildex, Touma
    Another guy figure between all the girls..
    Just annoyed he can’t look up(!) as even when he’s screaming here, he can’t see where he’s going.
    He was taxed together with Ayase..

    Figma Black Rock Shooter OVA, Yomi
    Sweet girl, grabbed her off the sale.
    Annoyed I don’t have Mato, so I could DUAL PERSONA!

    Figma Kamen Rider Dragon Knight, Kamen Rider Spear
    Also from the sale.
    Mainly bought him to headswap with Araragi.
    His shoulderpads get in the way…

    Aniway Magazine
    It has an Angel Beats! article, cover, poster and has a photo of our.. Abunai cosplay group!
    I’m the Otonashi here on the right.

    AmiAmi Zero Higurashi no Naku Koro ni, Hanyu
    Frustrated, Annoyed and Sad.
    I used my HS points on her to get a 2000 yen discount.
    Then she fell into UNLIMITED DELAY WORKS.
    She’s also so small with a shitty stand.. And customs charged me €20 so the discount is void!
    I’m considering not buying AAZ figs again. The Nymph I got was quite a disappointment as well and since I already got her, I don’t feel like grabbing the Nendoroid.
    Maybe if she’s on clearance, like Mayushii..
    The paint & sculpt are good though. No complaints about that.

    FuRyu Angel Beats! bedsheets, Kanade x2
    Hau~ I want to unwrap them and hug it and squeeze it and..
    I need a 2nd bed.
    Actually, a whole house would be nice.. my room is CRAMPED!
    (Ikea, here I come~)

    PLUM Glasses
    Haven’t used them yet, but they looked awesome on the HS Blog photos.

    Neon Genesis Evangelion vol 12
    Awesome read, WHERE IS MY VOL 13?!

    Okay… Now going further back into November..

    Bought a PSP3004!
    And made my own lil’ Axanael background of Noco~

    And a PSP needs games, so..

    PSP Fate/Extra Limited Edition
    Includes: Mini artbook, soundtrack and I got the Fate/the Fact pre-order bonus from gamestop.
    Fun RPS game, currently playing through with Nero (Saber) and FeMC, as I wasn’t confident enough to go MC w/ Tamamo (Caster) yet because she’s Hardomodo~ and needs a lot of grind.

    PSP Persona 3 Portable Collectors Edition
    Includes: Mini artbook, 6 cards and a poster.
    Not very far in yet, but having never played a Persona game before.. I’m enjoying myself.

    Creator’s Lab Jingai Makyo, Ignis
    From the AmiAmi sale and I’m a fan of niθ’s character designs.
    Guns and swords are also my thing..
    Wish it was the canon painted ver instead, but red will do..
    Also, she got taxed.

    S.H. FiguArts Star Driver, Takuto
    Huge discount, nobody wants the guy it seems.
    Can understand why..
    Head can’t move much, floppy arms and his whole lower body keeps falling off.
    The swords and outfit are cool, but they could’ve at least tried to make him.. Not literally fall apart.

    Eh, no comment.
    I’ll need another 500 of those things.

    PSP Memory Card 4GB, Black Rock Shooter
    I needed a memory card and it was on discount..
    A theme is also included, but I need to access the Japanese PSN to download it.
    Fukou da.

    Exclusive(?) Pencilboard Demonbane, Al Azif
    Liked the illustration, there’s also some on the back.
    Even a CG where they made the dress longer so the panty shot is covered..
    Why’d they do that? It’s there in all its glory in the VN..

    BEAT Demonbane, Al Azif
    Back when deciding my first Al PVC, I was debating whether to grab this one or the Max Factory.
    Grabbed the MF then, now the BEAT.
    Had to rub off a lot of dirt and the mirror on the base still needs a good cleaning (A big mess from that sticker that was on it so it wouldn’t be scratched..)

    Figma SeKirara, Nozomi
    Look at those eyes.. And that ducky.
    Couldn’t resist so I picked her up from the Otacute sale.
    Got the blond one for the cats and violin and I still want the brunette for the laptop and guitar.. And then the Morning Coffee ver of blondie.. Urgh.

    Figma Puella Magi Madoka, Madoka
    Disappointment? I saw on 2ch already some fuckups and mine had some smudges on the skirt and a missing button.. QB also keeps falling over.
    The bow keeps sliding around in her hand and the arrows fall out of her hands..
    God, I hope Homura is better but I already heard tons of complaints about her…

    And now our magical ride comes to an end.
    Let’s see if I win the lottery.

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    2 Responses to “Just look at that booty”

    1. felipe says:

      are those plum glasses accesories figma compatible(the smaller ones) i have been wondering just that for months

    2. Kam says:

      Yep, it’s why I got them.
      The HS blog shows some neat examples: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/blog/1110262

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