Because I'm a Switcher

Because I’m a Switcher

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Posted on: November 17, 2019 by Kam

Astral Chain pre-order bonus shirt, and a cheap €5 Mercy shirt, because why not.

Decided to make it its own blogpost instead of editing the previous one.
Switch loot!

But before that, unfortunately.. the Roof Repair Saga continues on…
Cause of all delays and stress. Now I’m hearing February.
This better be the last damn date change, because my hair’s literally turning white from this shit.
I’m also sick of the post ruining my NGNL merch.

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Because I'm a Box Man

Because I’m a Box Man

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Posted on: October 16, 2019 by Kam

..and accidentally sat on Smol Link’s box later. This month’s been horrible luck-wise. Like Steph’s box’s side looking like a chainsaw went through it..

Here’s almost everything I got the past half year. Can’t wait to actually open & display them once the roof’s done.
Zoom-in’s after the break.

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The Hoarder

The Hoarder

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Posted on: October 7, 2018 by Kam

Archive; September 2012

About 5 years ago I already started to run out of display space, so boxes started piling up.
Today, I brought them all out! ..except a few Gundam Kits because they’re all the way in the back on my closet and they’re a pain to reach..
FYI, they’re Master Gundam w/ Fuunsaiki and Gundam Portent.. Portant.. Shia’s Gundam!
SHF Bulma missed the shot, because Airmail from Matsuyama is apparently 3x slower than from Tokyo.

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Operation: Cleanup Room

Operation: Cleanup Room

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Posted on: September 19, 2013 by Kam

eternal vivid fever

Finally now that the sun isn’t melting everything, I can start cleaning my room and dusting off my collection again.
Which’ll take hours to.. days.. Finished one shelf though!!
After the break, an assortment of photos I took in the past few months. Not in any specific order, includes boxes, collections, poses, bad quality control etc.
Might include some earlier posted ones, I’m senile like that.

Most figure images I use to open a post with are from 2chan – they’re not taken by me unless watermarked. Just a fyi.

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They're all still boxed + Animecon

They’re all still boxed + Animecon

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Posted on: June 8, 2013 by Kam


Now moving on to the special deliveries~ (They never yell that here).
After the break, a series of pictures will follow from stuff I’ve received from January ’13 until now.
Worst of all, almost everything is still boxed – because it’s a mess here and I need moar di:stages.
It’s also too hot which drains morale. Maybe I should get a few energy drinks?
At the end, there’ll be a link to the.. Five pictures I took of cosplayers.
Drag a camera around all day and barely make any pictures.. What’s wrong with me?
If you went, I was Jesus on Friday & Saturday and Otonashi on Sunday.

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