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  • Chaos: Every Day, Every Week.

    Chaos: Every Day, Every Week.

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    Posted on: May 8, 2010 by Kam

    And now for some rambling and latest goodies!
    Let’s start with the rambling so the explosion gets down.
    After that, some new goods to drool over.

    Let me think.. Last week of April.
    Busy all month working on my evidence folder (which proves you did the intern thing at the company you ended up at) and showed it to my teacher for corrections and the like.
    OK, some more needed. Layout change too.
    Did that in a week and so I dash to school again.. Still not good enough he says.
    So I was told to email him the .pdf file for better reviewing because he was busy at the moment.
    Ok, cool. No problem.. I thought.

    I expected an answer at least within a few days but those days became weeks.
    Through my entire vacation, I was stressing if it was good or not. Deciding to change this or remove that..
    Latest email I send him I basically said “Where the F is my feedback”.
    And I got trolled with “Oh, didn’t I say it was good enough?”
    And so, stress became anger.

    Some.. Lighter news now.
    Me and my friend Pi-chan are going to.. *drumroll* Cosplay as Neuro & Yako, from the Majin Tantei NĊgami Neuro series.
    Currently discussing things with the guy who makes the suit, since I can’t make it myself.
    Pi’s gonna hunt down a wig and after all that, only the gloves & shoes are left.
    Chibicon will be quite a demonic experience. Fufufu.

    Okay, let’s get to the lootings.
    I told a fellow forumgoer at Aost it’s basically Jinkifest, since I ordered a lot of Jinki stuff in one go.

    First up, a figure I’ve wanted since I first watched Jinki:Extend on.. Winamp TV.
    Wow, those were the days. Anyway, at long last. My personal Holy Grail! <3

    The box itself was a biiiiiit damaged, but not a biggy.
    The front claps open which shows the insides. Kinda like some of the bigger Lego sets do.

    Before drooling over adorable Aoba, the Moribito Type-2 accompanies her in this box of Alter.
    Only the arms are articulated though. Shoulders, elbows and hands all rotate around their pegs.
    Moribito also comes with a lot of extra parts like a blade, boomerang, gun, two shields and just extra hands.
    Haven’t figured out what the block piece is for though..

    Moribito with Aoba in the back.
    I find it cute how she stares so angry.
    The only thing Alter could’ve done to improve this figure are the torn parts of her plugsuit.
    Because at closer look, it’s on the same level as skin, which makes it look like bodypaint.
    If they only made like, a 1mm deep line around those.. Well, it lacks depth.

    I also got myself this Jinki poster (The right one, guys) and all three DVD’s of the series.
    More Jinki stuff will arrive later.

    Besides those, also the 10th Anniversary figures of Ayu & Rin got here.
    They’re pretty neat, though Ayu’s gloves are a bit on the light side and Rin’s base could’ve used a rotation, since the LB-text is on the side now. The thing in the back is.. Yes, my 2nd dakimakura cover. HEY! IT WAS CHEAP! (8 euro’s)

    Now for some stuff I’ve been doing at the Aost forums..

    You got that right. I EVEN BUILD THEM A MOEZORD!

    (Though I had to photoshop Kanade’s head on it, since her petit isn’t out yet and her dakimakura is bit on the *huge* side for this scale..)

    That’s all for now.
    Next up is a new Angel Beats! episode summary!
    Watched it live earlier today, but I still need subs to understand it.
    Look forward to watching it! It’s a great episode with lots of D’AWWWWWW Kanade moments.


    (Catchphrase assimilated)

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