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  • They're all still boxed + Animecon

    They’re all still boxed + Animecon

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    Posted on: June 8, 2013 by Kam


    Now moving on to the special deliveries~ (They never yell that here).
    After the break, a series of pictures will follow from stuff I’ve received from January ’13 until now.
    Worst of all, almost everything is still boxed – because it’s a mess here and I need moar di:stages.
    It’s also too hot which drains morale. Maybe I should get a few energy drinks?
    At the end, there’ll be a link to the.. Five pictures I took of cosplayers.
    Drag a camera around all day and barely make any pictures.. What’s wrong with me?
    If you went, I was Jesus on Friday & Saturday and Otonashi on Sunday.

    We’ll go in.. reverse chronological order! Yes. Good. Okay.
    Top pic is pretty much my All-April order.
    Goku has some skin issues on his torso (too light!!).
    While I’m on it, I do unbox them for a min to check for any glaring faults.
    Haven’t checked Lelouch yet though..


    With those are also all these figma.
    Yui has some bad painting in-between the lines and some bumpy spots on her legs.
    Sayaka’s shirt is a lot more see-through than the other uniformed megucas.
    Both KYH’s are from an older order, but still boxed. School Avatar ver makes me rage because she’s got some black paint on her skin.


    Animecon spoils.
    The past years I barely got over €20 spent, but this time it was quite different.. Too many sales!
    The two Nadesico books were at the Bring & Buy for €10.
    Alter F/HA Sakura was discounted to €15 due it being in storage for years and the obvious box damage.
    The figure doesn’t look damaged at all, which is nice.
    Dojin Work Complete Collection for ~€14 in the 50% off bin.
    Well.. Shinobu alone went for the usual con price of €7.
    Got Excel Saga vol 7 (Out of Print!!!) for €8 (Instead of €11-12(, because of slicing mistakes. Still, needed that vol 7. Now ti find 8..

    The rest pictured was from the Free-Stuff basket.
    Not pictured is a dvd with some previews and episode 1 of Ragnarok the Animation (Which was so hilariously bad).
    All in german though, but it being close to dutch and having some base knowledge of German, it’s doable.
    Labrys has a dot. The infamous moooooooole on her thigh. I wish their new factory could keep those annoying bastards to a minimum. My Inori’s head is a strawberry and Kurisu has one on her face.


    Now we go to.. The March orders.
    Only real complaint is Joseph having a floppy knee.


    Kanade’s still part of March too, but the rest goes to February.
    Bath Time Rin is one of the few who has escaped her box.


    Still February. Still have to put Danbo together, too.
    Great art in the Seitokai book though. Great, delicious art.


    Since I had the Illya & Friends issue, I needed the Dark Side variant as well.
    Did some hunting and found it. Shipping could’ve been.. Cheaper though.
    That’s one thing Japan-Best can handle better. Without a shipping box it was already more expensive than SAL from HLJ!!! A shipping box was another €5 or something. Rip off.


    Alter with Command Seal Illya, from the Illya & Friends box.


    Off to January.
    Frau has managed to escape her box as well, along with Nymph pictured below.


    The two chibis are a pain to keep standing on their hair or attached to the magnets though.
    Ikaros keeps falling over..


    And the last of January. Already commented about KYH at the start.
    Lafiel was quite a rare figure that popped up on Preowned.
    Still sealed and everything, it being a blister.
    Found out why she was being sold, top of her head has a blob of plastic on it. Bad QC, BAD!

    Let’s sneak in some January arrivals from December as well while I’m at it.


    This was the December Monthly from AmiAmi.
    Saber Lion has a blob on her snout. I was not amused.
    Lily also suffered from MOOOOLLLEEEESSSSSS everywhere.
    Tsukihi came with a back hairpiece that looked much like what I described with Lafiel.
    GSC were bro enough to send me a replacement.


    Then the other monthly – HS side.
    Zero Saber has blue paint leaking on her back. COME ON WAVE, IMPROVE THAT SHIT!
    Nyaruko also had some scrapped paint issues. Felt like bad shipments man.
    And then there’s Ques Q… They even managed to fuck up something so simple.


    Tekkaman Evil had better quality than Blade and is posed together with him and the Accel World figma right now.
    The Figma she body has a light dot above her bellybutton.


    Kud & the witches/familiars escaped Box Prison too.


    Almost there. A mandarake shipment.
    Looked forward to Sun/San a lot, but she came lightly damaged as well. The box was a mess.


    Finally, a 2nd copy of Umineko Ougon Musou.
    Bought the first release at full price, only for a special edition to be released later. I felt cheated!
    It went on discount for dirt cheap though, so I grabbed it. Nice DVD box and book. WTS Game.

    Now that we’re at the end.. Animecon gallery!

    Day after took everything out of the shipping boxes.
    I’m totally not hoarding.
    I’ve lost control of my life..


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