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  • Let's talk about anime and manga!

    Let’s talk about anime and manga!

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    Posted on: October 6, 2011 by Kam

    Because it has been such a long time!
    Today’s topics:

    • Berserk
    • A few last seasons finales (spoilers!)
    • The Cube

    For some time I’ve been going down the road and reading/watching some older stuff.
    It started with Nadesico last year and currently I got Fist of the North Star/Hokuto no Ken on-hold for a bit (Currently at episode 92) and have caught up with the Berserk manga (chapter 325).
    With that, I have joined the crowd who want Miura to stop watching NicNico/play Idolm@ster and get back to drawing Berserk.
    I expected grimdark only, but with that Puck and Gut’s new band of merry friends, it isn’t as dark as the whole flashback about the Band of the Hawk and Griffith was.
    Maybe it’s Idolm@sters influence..

    Yesterday I had a chat with a friend and the topic came up about when this actually started.
    Which is 1990 – with 325 chapters as of this post.
    Then I remembered the last One Piece chapter being 641 – and it started in 1997.
    I have no idea if Berserk was weekly in the past, but if it was, that are a lot of breaks.
    Now I totally understand the HIATUS HIATUS HIATUS (Ok, I’m guilty of that myself too).

    Anyways, looking forward to more and that Berserk Movie as well.
    Should I go watch the TV series while I wait?

    HAH! One show I’ll never forget.
    Blood-C started off very slow and cliché.
    Not to mention the songs she kept singing as she walked to school..
    BUT BOY DID THAT CHANGE, as we approached the final episodes that is.
    Which basically means – Saya will scream: “I will protect you!”, only with the one being protected ending up dead.
    Such is life in a remote mountain village.. which turned out to be one big silly experiment by the cafe owner.
    Some of the people we thought who were dead (Twins for example) were not and only pretended to be so as Saya got mindfucked due repressed memories because of drugs-filled coffee and guimauve (and Dog!Watanuki who barks Promise! Promise! Arf!).
    As Saya regains her memories of who she actually is (That is, not a clumsy high school student), the whole town gets slaughtered by…

    Giant Bunnies.

    And they had a feast! Most famous slaughter scene being, the Bunny Blender.
    The episode ends with Saya becoming Solid Snake and leaves us all to wait for the Blood-C Movie.
    I for one, am looking forward to it thanks to this.

    Well that’s the show of last season with the most “What the hell” kind of ending.
    Another show (among many others) that I finished were Kuro Usagi – though I liked the art style, the dere of the heroine was a bit overkill.. Maybe all those accursed JC Staff Tsundere shows (Oh ffs, stop using Rie!!) have affected me that I’m totally not used to this anymore.
    Personally, I’m more of the Kuudere & Dandere type, I guess. Or shy. I’m “ok” with Tsunderes, but everyone who end sup being voiced by Rie tends to be awfully annoying. That Kirino from OreImo is just a bitch, not a tsundere.

    Baka Test sadly ended as well, but we got a new fix for that: C3 – Cube x Cursed x Curious.

    Fear, voiced by the lovely Tamura Yukari (Voiced Furude Rika and Baito Senshi Suzuha among others).
    Apparently she’ll have a yandere side, so we might get some Dark Rika voice in this show as well.
    Apparently she’s a cursed torture device or something.. Found by the MCs dad and send to their home as a cube – a form that’d be easy for travel.
    Our MC – knowing it was something strange – refused to open it and dumped it elsewhere in the house to rot.
    That night, he hears sounds from the kitchen and sees a naked girl stealing biscuits. That girl is Fear – who was the delivered cube. This can only end with ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s animated by Silver Link, same studio as Baka Test.
    Pretty obvious if you look at the 3 heroines.
    Fear looks like Shouko, the girl with the glasses feels like Himeji and the Ponytail girl has a Minami feel so far.
    And oh god, that catchy op. Some parts sound like one of Beelzebub’s Ending Themes though.


    Well, that’s the only new show of this season I’ve watched so far.
    Hope there’ll be some other nice shows to follow.

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