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  • Anime-Envoy Corner~! #6

    Anime-Envoy Corner~! #6

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    Posted on: April 30, 2009 by Kam

    Two months late, with your hosts Gin- and Rika-chama!


    So we’ll be covering two months now and uh.. Figures only?
    Also a change in images, straight from the Collection-archive of Meister Kam.
    Lets start with the new members of the SOS-brigade and get it quickly over with.

    The fearless leader of the SOS, Suzumiya Haruhi!
    Alas, due the cold, everything was pretty stiff and her hand broke off (;__;)
    But due the magic fingers (Or knife) of meister, she was restored! Thank god it was a hand that comes with almost any female SOS figma.

    The only sane one and 1st member of the SOS, Kyon! Or as others call him, Mr. Smith.
    He managed to survive the hand removing. So far only Nagato and Haruhi got cursed.

    Adviser of the SOS, Koizumi Itsuki! Also kinda stiff, but he survived movement! The cardboard background accompanied with him is now decorating the vitrine.

    And finally the SOS’s mascot, Asahina Mikuru! She’s fleeing in fear of being broken and molested by Haruhi.

    That rounds up the Figma department, on to Revoltech!

    Mass Production Model (Or EVA 05) Winged Version. That creepy smile makes any man cringe in fear of being eaten by this harpy.
    Alas, no weapons. Meister gave her 02’s weapon (Which was originally of the MPM anyways).

    Gurren Lagann’s “Enki” from Viral has also arrived! Was ordered by Meister after watching the movie “Gurren-hen”, which he claims to have turned his cat into a lion. What will happen to his dear cat after “Lagann-hen”? Turn into a saber tooth tiger!?

    PVC’s cometh! Key-fan Kam-sama also has added more girls to his.. Eh.. Wonder if it’s a harem?

    PVC from AIR’s Kamio Misuzu, together with the crow Sora, staring at the sky. Discount at play-asia was another bonus! :3

    And a PVC from Little Busters!’ Natsumi Rin, looking into the opposite direction of Misuzu, down. balancing on one foot, we can only hope she won’t bend.

    But Rin can’t be alone, so her best friend Komari tagged along! ^^

    As for trading figures, Rin and Mio showed up as well.

    And finally, our newest co-host, Rika-chama!

    From the first Deformation Maniac Collection. Isn’t she cute?

    There are a ton more new purchases, but let’s save that for later sessions! Bye-bee!


    Can’t wait for yet another delayed Anime-Envoy Corner?
    Don’t worry, you can now check the Anime-Envoy Corner~! – Kam’s Total Collection (Only Anime/Manga related)- page which is updates as soon as possible after the mailman has arrived!

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