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  • In a MMOfflineRPG, beware of random lvl52 "Door-to-Door Salesmen"

    In a MMOfflineRPG, beware of random lvl52 “Door-to-Door Salesmen”

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    Posted on: April 15, 2008 by Kam

    Final week of the semester has come again, which is the one week every 7 weeks that I hate most. In short this means, overworkload.

    Though some are in fact fun and games, like the Requiem Shooter we’re making for a school project and some eh.. Dull animations which can be seen around my Devart account -.-”

    Toying around with the site a bit, thinking about what to add/remove.
    If you hadn’t noticed yet, the AE Shop disappeared about a month ago. Since that project is on-hold for a while till I finally do get those designs ready (and my bank account). And on the Requiem part added a Fanart page, house of 3 drawings so far. See? I’m still loved!

    I’m thinking to keep the Anivoy and Maio subsite like that for now. For oldschool’s sake. Maio told me she’ll slowly get back to drawing. One of her major concerns is a dead scanner, so now she’s attempting the digital way of photoshop drawing (or Flash? I do know she’s good in Paint).

    Don’t know anything else to mention.. So yea, this is it. Might make an edit later on if anything pops up.


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