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  • 3 Months of Switching Later

    3 Months of Switching Later

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    Posted on: March 15, 2019 by Kam

    The title in Japanese is Okami HD. My only digital-purchased title is Valkyria Chronicle Remastered.

    Haven’t posted in a while.

    The Nintendo Switch (and stable income) has certainly re-awakened the gamer in me.
    Though I’ve yet to start on my N64 backlog, I’ve been dabbling into various games of my Switch stockpile that’s now increasing faster than any other system I’ve ever owned…

    And as mentioned on my Twitter, I’m actually finishing games now.
    Ghost Trick (NDS), Fate/Extra (PSP), The Minish Cap (GBA)…
    Not like I didn’t before. I mean, there was The Force Unleashed (PSP) and stuff.. (Was pretty bad imo).
    But I usually stopped either early on or near the end of a game… and that needs changing.

    Quick Edit: The plan was to continue the Four Swords Trilogy, TIL it demands at least a second player.
    Well Fukou effin Da.

    From memory, I think I’m at the end of the first Corpse Party (PSP) and definitely still at the last dungeon of Final Fantasy IX (PSP).
    Black Rock Shooter (PSP) is.. sort-of-done..? I got the normal end, and now it requires extra stuff for the true end, but I don’t want to do that yet without unlocking the Bunny Outfit! And I have no idea which godforsaken Golden Dawn I’m missing! I went through every stage multiple times, following guides, nothing! Is it hidden in the extra missions? SOMEONE TELL ME!!!

    The Switch collection quickly surpassed the N64. Though that’s no surprise, since I only had like 5 games until last year or something.
    Currently I’m at N64: 17, NS: 25 (Once Fate/Extella Link arrives.. next week? It shipped today!)>
    The Switch reached the N64’s goal faster than the N64! Goal being; 25 games. Since I have 25 Universal Game Cases that need filled…….

    So OCD was definitely a major issue for me once I got the Switch. Stressed me out so. Damn. Much.
    Now that it’s worn in a bit, with added oilspots(?) on the back from removing it from my Skull & Co gripcase (which fyi was definitely not the same one as on their Ebay pictures!), I’m slowly starting to care about its outer quality as much as my stained DS Lite and Paint-peeled PSP. So not as much as before :V
    Which is a good thing! Babying stuff is stressful. And at least replacing backplates is easy, if it ever gets to that.

    Watching videos of people grabbing their Switches and throwing it around like it was a cheap toy amaze me about how much they don’t care about its appearance.
    Lots of dust-covered docks, too. I keep mine in a closet to prevent it somewhat!

    Though now with so many games, the problems are Time, What First and Forgetting How to Play.

    I want to take my sweet, sweet time with Breath of the Wild. I’ve only just done the blue torch thing for Purah.
    Planning to pick up the DLC this month before continuing, since it has some neat stuff. I’m not that big of a NG+er (Only really for alt endings), so I don’t care if I can cheese stuff with Majora’s Mask on or something. My main concern is that I still have a pretty small inventory and tons of amiibo to use.

    So that’s Adventure for now.

    Shooting is filled by Splatoon 2, which I currently only play during Splatfests. And because of the time between them, I forget how to play it a lot..
    The last Splatfest was terrible for me, since I also ended up in teams where others didn’t know how to play either!
    Same issue with Smash. Thought I’d do some Spirits since I felt pretty good about how I played Daisy.
    I got wrecked.
    Still want to finish World of Light on that though… Splatoon’s story, too. Since along with the Zelda DLC, I want Octo Expansion too.

    Ys VIII is the RPG I’m trying to play+finish now.
    ….because I’ve got so many RPGs waiting to be played, and from experience I should definitely not play them all on/off!
    The queue has games like Xenoblade Chronicles (+Torna), Caligula and Atelier Lydie & Suelle in it, so yeah..

    Hyrule Warriors (still not finished its story mode, got distracted by adventure mode) filled the Musou itch, but now that I finished Fate/Extra, I want to start on Fate/Extella.
    Which is quite late, I know, because I have Fate/Extella Link on pre-order and that’s already on the way… Great, now there’s a Musou-queue!

    Still playing Let’s Go too. On the way to Lavender Town.
    World of Final Fantasy Maxima will follow it once I’m done. Fills the void between now and Pokemon Sword & Shield.

    Other games are on/off, like Valkyria Chronicles 4, Shantae, Lego City.. Other’s still sealed in plastic (Okami, Dark Souls, Starlink..).
    If only I could send these back in time, back when I was a NEET and had all the time in the world!

    and I still gotta squeeze those other older-system games in there…

    But the suffering doesn’t end there.

    Somehow, I’ve got all the Zelda 3DS Games + Pokemon Moon in my possession.
    Without owning a 3DS.
    It’s the Switch repeating itself again…

    But I’ve sure been going on about games a lot lately.
    Don’t be mistakes, I stillĀ  watch anime and read manga, I’m just not much of a talker about them.

    Nah, I just silently watch & read.


    The Caligula CE boxart is Unf. Will edit it in after I get Extella Link.

    Edit: Dozo

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