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  • Intermission Ranting

    Intermission Ranting

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    Posted on: November 28, 2018 by Kam

    Just ranting/venting/etc a bit, normal/calmer post later. The weekend, probably.
    I’m tired, angry, ill and annoyed (Just another day..)

    Christ, it’s like almost every goddamn Switch-related thing has to frustrate me!

    Now it’s no surprise I’ve got OCD. I want my things neat and in tip-top condition (Damn you black dust dots on figures..!).
    I’m already not in mentally healthy state, since almost all my renovating plans were foiled, wasted money, and had a leaking ceiling above one of my figure shelves.

    So I was pretty pissed when a relative dented a Busou Shinki box I had kept pristine for almost a decade, just because he stubbornly wanted to throw a wire behind it……….
    And my nephew bursting into my room, jumping on the bag with my Gameboy Color in it.. Argh

    Anywho, Switch stuff.

    Breath of the Wild:
    ..basically started this mess of getting a Switch in the first place, since I saw the Limited Edition being sold a few months ago.
    In the store when paying I found out it was a display model (So everything was removed out of the box once, but the contents still sealed), and at home I just took a quick look if the Master Sword statue was A-OK (Since there were many reports of broken flowers). Only today when I had to grab the statue again to size my book case, I found out the cover of the game now had two straight lines dented into it from the Soundtrack CD case. CLUCKINGPIECEOF-!
    Just gotta tell myself it’s proof that it’s a Limited Edition…. I feel so sick. Just like after Attempt #1 of applying a screen protector.

    Fate/Extella – The Umbral Star:
    Stores kept sending me games that were for the South-European market instead of the goddamn UK it was being sold in!
    Look, if all the warnings of kids eating it and shit is in Spanish instead of English, you know it’s not for the right country.
    Eventually, with having to return it twice and the European publisher being too cheap to add in a manual (JP and NA had it!), I just went and bought the Japanese Limited Edition instead.

    Shantae: Half-Genie Hero Ultimate Day 1 Edition:
    After it taking ages to get here, the store had ignored my packaging request and as a result, the box arrived dented.
    Gee, thanks. Also took a month to get a partial refund, since it was the last in stock.

    Starlink: Battle for Atlas:
    I fell for the goddamn pre-order bonus bait… I want 40€ back.

    Dark Souls Remastered:
    Pre-order was supposed to be A4-sized with holes to hang it up..
    What we got was a metal plate half its size (slightly bigger than the game case) with no holes.

    Valkyria Chronicles 4:
    Mailman too lazy to ring a doorbell. Delivered my package to the neighbors, WHO WERE LEAVING FOR THE WEEKEND, so I had to wait days to finally get it.
    Not like I could play it at the time (Still have to start, even), but that package was supposed to be returned to sender, since I already got the game elsewhere.

    Pre-orders of The Caligula Effect: Overdose and Fate/Extella LINK:
    And just add the taxes to the store prices, damn. Checkout made me rage because I didn’t expect having to pay extra!

    Micro SD-Card:
    Amazon sent me a fake.
    Was sold by them, too.

    The Nintendo Switch itself+Screen protectors:
    This thing has given me so much stress in so little time…..

    First the dock – Top bended 1mm inwards. I read shitloads of posts about bent docks and Switches, but apparently it’s fine..?
    Next, there was already a smudge or scratch on, figured it’d disappear with a screen protector on.
    On a positive note, it did! On a negative note, there was obnoxious dust under the protector and it was misaligned.
    Though before I noticed those two things, I was literally giving my thumbs blisters, trying to remove a big airbubble.

    So frustrated, annoyed, general bad mood, went to bed and redid it the next day. Thankfully that went a lot better..
    I thought at least the Tablet part was straight and went crazy thinking it was bent, but it was my shitty spherical vision.
    Flat surface, it’s straight.

    Then I noticed the fan noise when Splatoon 2-ing. And when starting Hyrule Warriors in handheld (went to normal while playing).
    ..calm down, shit’s normal. I have annoying ears that hear fucking everything. Won’t be surprised if I can hear a dog whistle. Never tried.

    The Dock scratching…… More like smudging? I only notice the left rubber sometimes leaving a mark on the glass protector, but that’s easily wiped away.
    Though the back already has microscopic scratches that my autistic eyes can see. It’s already starting to look like my Laptop. Barely been a week, ugh.

    I’m still waiting it out before I start Pokemoning and adding Mew.
    Will need an Ethernet adapter too, since the Wifi’s pretty shit upstairs.

    So after discovering the BOTW gamecase thing and shoving new shelves into my book case, I found out.. We got the wrong fucking glass doors for it from IKEA.

    (I feel the need to add the Eye part, since I loathe the streaming site)

    And don’t get me started on stores shipping things in bubble envelopes..
    In cardboard we trust.

    Though cardboard envelopes with bubblewrap inside would be the ultimate packaging.

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