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  • HaHa! More status! ..and some anime

    HaHa! More status! ..and some anime

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    Posted on: July 2, 2018 by Kam

    Let’s try a new watermark and external border!

    Various topics, which mean multiple categories. Unfortunately I can’t select which to use for the header, so don’t mind it.

    So now I’ll be perfectly honest: I have no idea when the next comic will be. But that’s no surprise, right?
    I got some Joko (GW2) and Coffee Room comics lined up, but can’t find the drive to finish them :v
    Now summer is busting in as well, draining away the remaining energy I have left.. I can’t stand these temperatures.

    As for figure comics, mainly the Araragi-series.. I’m gunning on being able to continue that properly in September/October.
    Latest issue being a lolnoroom issue again, but that’s because of miscalculations and not having that extra big bookcase yet.
    So all the material I planned is still boxed, and the table I want to use for the photo sessions is also a bit full because of it.

    I’m also wanting to dab a bit into psuedo-animated comic dubs. I mean, it all looks doable in my head, but I can’t experiment with it just yet.

    On the plus side, I got a new job! Which means more income, which means being able to buy that bookcase, and maybe a new curtain because that morning sun shining through the cracks keeps waking me up waaay too early.
    I’ve already taped it off with cardboard, but the additional heat does not make the tape hold well, so the loud noises of that coming off is another factor..

    One other thing that has me cornered is.. Well, this..

    I’ve got too many god damn trading figures.

    The most annoying ones are those from Higurashi and Umineko, because they have terrible stands where the figures just kinda lean on. Just look at them and they’ll fall over. – So I’ve already reboxed & stored those away, along with a good amount of prize figures.

    I think I’ll just keep the good quality ones and a few others on display. Because to be honest, not all the Kanade prize figures look that great. Mainly because of them being FuRyu.
    And I’ve already lost my “having all Kanade figs” title after skipping the bunnygirl one. Still kinda on the fence about the upcoming Haregi one.

    Excuse not being able to see much, I’ve got this bunch on a heavy box under the table.

    I’ve seriously underestimated how much display space I had for my figma, too.
    That shelf I posted on Twitter, I expected to use that for their boxes. Behold, it’s now just another figure shelf!

    Now with all of that out of the way, I’ll do one of those seasonal short thought things again.
    I’ll just go by memory here so.. The latest ones are still fresh in my mind.
    Still excluding long running series unless I got something to say about it.
    Screw alphabetical now, too.
    And no pictures, just google it.

    Darling in the FranXX
    It started interesting, then got dull when Zero-Two was in her KILLANDBECOMEHUMAN mode.
    And now it’s Gurren Lagann X Evangelion, with an EoE scenario and fighting the anti spiral in space.
    So we’re on an odd rollercoaster again.

    Persona 5
    I’ve only played Persona 3.. Err, halfway.. Still haven’t finished the movies because of that.
    Persona 4 I watched all the anime stuff and a bit of Let’s Play.
    And Persona 5.. Man, I wish I had a playstation to play it on.
    Watching the show, I like the cast so much more than previous ones.
    It’s ending song – “Infinity” – has been my life’s themesong for the past few months :v

    SAO: Gun Gale Online
    Surprise of the season, imo. This stuff really does get better when Kirito isn’t the main character!
    LLENN.. Psycho LLENN, is a total badass. I really enjoyed watching this show, and Pito’s identity was.. Not much of a surprise if you paid attention.

    Meh. Is basically all I can say about it.
    Kinda peeved they basically stopped Julie’s part after she got her “revenge”, and then off-screen lost to someone else.

    Souten no Ken Re:Genesis
    I just.. stopped watching this after a few episodes.
    It’s probably because of the combination of me growing out of it, it being all CGI, and the MC not being the Kenshiro we all know and love.
    Instead it’s this.. fake. Even though it’s a prequel.

    Mahou Shoujo Ore
    I expected a comedy on the level of Excel Saga with its antics, but it ended up being so-so.
    Guess it was just another for the pile of Akikan and its ilk.

    Magical Girl Site
    ..apparently I am one of the few who sorta enjoyed it.
    Frieza as a creepy girl was an experience. I’m kinda hoping for a Season 2.

    Steins;Gate 0
    What can I say, it’s Steins;Gate. Watch it.

    Gundam Build Divers
    I admit the whole “It’s a VR BATTLE GAME NOW!” setting kinda turned me off at the start, but the show started to grow on me.
    I’m looking forward how the show continues now that the main issue has been dealt with.
    Also Ayame is love.

    Highschool DxD Hero
    The redesign is atrocious.

    Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory
    Watching the first three episodes made me realize I only really enjoyed Fumoffu.
    I kept doing other things/yawning when this aired, and just dropped it.

    GeGeGe no Kitarou (2018)
    Nekomusume’s redesign really helped to get me watch GeGeGe for once.
    Some episodes are good, others bad. It’s still a kid’s show at heart.
    They should really lock up Ratman somewhere.

    Another disappointment I’m somehow trudging through.
    Guilty Crown, no matter how bad it was, was still entertaining on a disaster level but..
    Beatless is just boring. Lacia is boring. Not-Shoe is even more boring.

    To Be Heroine
    So I watched To Be Hero before this, and really enjoyed watching that for the silly humor.
    Saying that, Heroine is a major disappointment – contrary to what people on MAL say.
    Sure it may have a bigger budget and visuals etc, but to me it feels they’re trying too hard to have a serious story in there.
    The real world being in Mandarin and the fantasy world in Japanese might sound like an interesting concept, but for my ears it’s less pleasing.

    Also gave Show by Rock!! a whirl.
    What I expected: Generic cute girls playing gitah anime.
    What I got: 3D furries fighting monsters while playing music.
    I don’t know what to think, aside from hearing GIIIINGAAA BISHOUUUUNEN!

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