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  • Bye Bye Refuge and Hello SAO

    Bye Bye Refuge and Hello SAO

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    Posted on: July 10, 2017 by Kam

    And another Requiem is up! Honestly, a preview image of it was kinda.. Meh.. So I skipped that and will write about something else.

    You must know Sword Art Online by now. It’s in the same cosplay-class as Naruto, Organization XII members and Death Note (Or rather, just L).
    I didn’t know much about it before the anime aired, just that it was a deathgame lightnovel, kinda similar to dot hack. When it did air though, my first impression was “Working! with swords”. Because y’know, the character designs looked like those of Working!, and that was something I never got over. Though I guess it lessened a bit come Sinon with GGO, but even the Asuna & Kirito figma look like they’d fit right in on my Working! Nendoroid playset.

    Now many call it the best anime ever and others say it was crap. I’m in the camp of “It was ..okay”. Nothing special, just another seasonal show with a Gary Stu.
    I’ve never read the lightnovel aside from the infamous GLOPPING chapter (curiosity eh), so I don’t know how much was cut or redone or whatever.
    But I started reading Sword Art Online: Progressive a while ago. It’s the SAO Manga and damn, this is actually good.

    Asuna isn’t boring as heck (It’s even more focused on her instead of Kirito), there’s better chemistry between the characters, THE ART STYLE LOOKS GREAT and the plot is going at its own easy pace. No skipping all over the place to rush to the final battle, y’know?
    This Elf vs Dark Elf arc that’s going on right now is a pretty good read. It takes place directly after Floor 2’s bossfight, and it gave me some feels.

    I’m excited to find out if this’ll fill all the gaps the anime(/lightnovel) left behind.

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