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  • Buckle up, Buckaroos

    Buckle up, Buckaroos

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    Posted on: June 2, 2017 by Kam

    ‘Cuz this car is going places.

    Just not right now, but soon™.

    Spent the last week giving the old Anivoy comics the same treatment like Requiem for Sanity: Getting rid of as much Comic Sans as possible.
    And cleaned up/changed text/fixed errors on some of them. Some things should make more sense now, I think? We pushed it all into a tiny box and sealed it away anyways.
    But since 126/130 comics are all pre-wipe, I don’t have their psds so that was all I could do. Enlarging those would just look terrible.
    Sorry, they’re stuck in the 2005 small monitor era!

    But that doesn’t go for the T2 comics!
    Guess this is what you’d call the HD remake?

    They’re all upgraded to 800 wide (from the 546 iirc) and frame-wise given a little makeover, ‘cept that Owly comic because who wants that much whitespace?
    Though they’ve all been 4koma so far, it’s a restriction too so I’ll probably go back to the oldschool format when needed.

    OP pic is also just something I made for the Splash page and maybe a “What is Love?” loop. We’ll see if I ever get to that.
    I might just make these 1-panel things again to keep the comic going, like I did with Dead Days or LMKs in the past.
    It’s something, right? There goes the idea of having it in printable format! Not like I’d ever do it, but it was a nice thought.

    Also, I’ve removed all the figure-comics from the T2 archive and moved them appropriately to The Legend of Araragi-kun and General Figure Comics.

    The top of the archives also show the current update schedule. Anivoy and Requiem being Whenever, because I’m me, and the Figure comics on hiatus because I literally have no space to take pictures.
    My desk is full. Even if I made space there, the light is crap. I used to place my lightbox on my bed when I first got that thing (All figure photos with a black/white BG were made in it), but again, crap light in the small confines of my prison. I can’t move them to another room because either smokers & cats or other shitty factors. Big bummer, really wanted to make some comics with Camera- & Lamp Otoko. Got 6 comics with ’em in a TXT file!
    Also all my newer figure purchases still being in the box.. Sucks my Move to Bigger Place Plan got delayed indefinitely.

    But now a light at the end of the tunnel..
    Lot of ideas for Anivoy, just gotta get myself to finish this comic that’ll be the trigger for it all.
    Expect a new crewmember who’ll be a great asset! No, it’s not Jinbe. No, it’s not in the first new comic either. Maybe the 2nd. Or 3rd. Needs a good opportunity.

    This might also get me to put the Coffee Room out of maintenance, too.

    The blog also still needs its layout upgrade, specifically font size.
    Considering just using the Anivoy one here too.

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