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My first 3 days on Twitter
My first 3 days on Twitter
Posted on: October 19th, 2014 by Kam

..felt like I was locked in a shed and no one could hear my cries of help.

My tweets didn’t appear in the search at all.
Today only new tweets were finally allowed outside the shed, but even then they’re still restricted! My old ones refuse to show up!
Made a tweet with text + hash – shows up.
Made a tweet with a picture – doesn’t show up.
Made a tweet with a link – doesn’t show up.

COME ON, TWITTER! Let me out of my shed!
Even the camwhores are happily spamming on #nogamenolife! Yet my relevant stuff gets filtered oooouuuuttttt?
I finally try this social networking thing and you do this to meeeeeee?

I still refuse to make a Facebook.

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