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Damn right, I wanna play cards
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Damn right, I wanna play cards
Posted on: August 9th, 2014 by Kam

Today I got my english Angel Beats! Re:Edit trial deck in the mail.
I guess I used up my luck last trial deck (AB+Kudwafter), as this time no Hanazawa-signed card.
At least there were 2 foils in it. The winter one being especially adorable (AND 10000!!!!!).


First rewind a bit, here are the cards from the japanese Angel Beats! + Kudwafter trial deck I got in 2010.

Have to grab an old picture I made (somehow forgot during the new photoshoot), but this one had the Hanazawa card~

Now the english Angel Beats! Re:Edit trial deck cards:



Only noticed after that the Yuri/Kanade card is on there twice.. The first one is the foil one. The Yuzuru/Kanade foil one has a non-foil under it.

Let’s close off with some promo cards I got.


Madoka was from the PSP game.
Erika from Umineko EP6 cd.
The Little Busters! cards at the bottom were all from FuRyu figures.
Ruri came with the Ruri SEGA prizefig & character cd.
The rest were all magazine bonuses or came in an Otacute package.

I still want a Charizard.

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