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  • Pokemans Again

    Pokemans Again

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    Posted on: July 20, 2014 by Kam

    So I was playing my Black 2 game again.

    Since I have the habit of almost never completing games (I think it has something to do with so that I can still continue on later…. Ocarina of Time? Spirit Temple. HALO?  Archives. Every Final Fantasy game I touched? Somewhere in the beginning or middle. C&C/RA are also somewhere in the middle/end.. Even GW2, only now I’m near the end (story-wise) and I’ve been playing since the beta’s!! Either way, I barely finish games), here in mid-2014, I’m at the 7th effin gym in Pokemon Black 2.
    I don’t have a 3DS and I ain’t buying one just for Pokemon X/Y, so… yeah!
    Last game I finished was Danganronpa, before the anime of it aired (Well, story + a lucky gashapon whirl for bonus ending).
    CBA to skip through everything again to fill the student reports/items. Though my luck was terrible to get the item for that *cough*bathing*cough* cg………..
    Even Touch Detective, that I started a while ago, is halted on the 3rd case.

    HeartGold it was at Champion Red (though I simply didn’t feel like leveling anymore, will finish maybe later). Diamond’s post-E4. That fight area… Emerald’s at Victory Road and all my GB games got their saved games erased by my GBC…. Those were all complete, maybe I’m traumatized.
    Like with that damned plumber who stole my gameboy when I was a kid (I know, I know….).
    After you beat Drayden, the city gets attacked by FLYING SHIPS WITH ICE CANNONS.
    And the ice blocks certain parts of the city and turns the ground into ice puzzles.
    And apparently it won’t melt until post-E4.

    I saved before the gym fight, now I’m harvesting everything in the city before the attack.
    Like those fashion show props, which are daily.

    Now while I wait for the clock to tick away so I can continue B2, I decided to pick up the first White.
    AND NUZLOCKE IT (loosely, somewhat)!

    Figured I’d try something new (And memory link it when done, SUCKS THAT NINTENDO WI-FI IS DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD for DS/DSi!!!!!!!! Else I’d have tried that dreamworld too now that I have a working wi-fi connection here. Good thing Memory Link can be done with 2 DS’s).

    So far I’m in best scientist’s city (Fennel’s) and kicked the gym trio’s ass.
    Scout the Patrat died like a sissy in battle against a Herdier that 1HKO’d him with a crit. He was quickly replaced by his attacker and a fire monkey.
    No other casualties as of writing this post, though I suspect Purlia to kick the bucket soon as she’s barely hitting anything.

    Team is currently:
    Shina the wotter
    Maiko the fire monkey
    Pups the crit-dog
    Yume the dreameater
    Purlia the cat

    Of course B2’s current gym-team is better/cuter, with Lilligant, Meloetta, Flygon, Emolga, Heracross and Lampent (I’ll evolve it for E4 or 8th gym).
    Planning to use White to send over ones to complete the Dex later too.
    I had to pick Oshawott in White since that dex entry is missing in my B2 (Picked Smugleaf).
    Shiny Haxorus is appealing, more than Garchomp where you have to squeeze your eyes to see whether it’s shiny or not.
    Got a Shiny Rattata though!
    ………………what am I doing.

    Once this is over, I’ll go back to finishing some VNs. Because I uh.. Actually finish those mostly.
    Higanbana is for my internetless days though.
    But hey, the Scéal VN is making progress!
    I re-wrote the entire beginning! …well, not forward progress then.


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