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  • Always a Gen Behind

    Always a Gen Behind

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    Posted on: October 24, 2013 by Kam


    Who’s the best gym leader? Damn straight Elesa is the best gym leader.
    I do PWT matches just to fight against her. Why is the Xtranciever so useless compared to HG/SS’s phone?
    At least there you could call the gym leaders for a rematch.

    So it’s been a looong time since I last continued with my Black 2 game.
    Started playing again since my GW2 guild is going nuts with their X/Y. Why not me? No 3DS.
    I have this nasty habit of never finishing a game or stopping right before finishing.. Because I don’t want to finish it.
    Odd? I know. That lingering feel of “I can still continue” is just so..
    Like how my Ocarina of Time save is at the final boss of the Light Temple for over 10 years.
    Some day. Some day..

    Anyways, I started playing again. My last save was a bit after the game’s release and was after.. Elesa! (I take my time, rushing through’s a no-no. I guess Black City will be deserted once I arrive?)
    Now I’m somewhere at.. God, I can’t remember these new names.. Past flying to the volcano? I picked up a Power Lens from a boy with a  wingull, because I needed that damned thing.

    I adore Lilligant so I did that ingame trade to get Petilil. Petulia.. Eh, I can live with the nickname.
    It having good stats, I decided to EV train her.. Yes, EV-training when I only had.. 4 badges or something? PERFECT PLAN!
    Going full retard, as you could go to the PWT or subway to get battlepoints to grab a power item..
    But noooo…. Every pokemon game I was terrified of those places like the Battle Tower (Until I finally learned that you don’t lose money, woo).

    So I EV-trained a Petilil using a macho brace and killed over a 100 Litwicks. Terrible experience.
    Speed EVs went faster as she was at a level now where she could 1hko those fish and she got the corresponding power item from that ingame trade.
    And being a master of the calculator, I EV trained her to perfection.
    No checking because no NPC in that stage of the game could give those vague answers.
    Saved the game and used some wings to see if the training was complete. Could use 2 feathers, a third not. <GOOD> Reset.

    But after all that and getting to the volcano thing, I still went full retard and PWT’d enough battle points to buy a power lens (My team > Rentals. Seriously. I have terrible luck with matches using rentals.. And to hell with Burgh. TO HELL WITH HIM!! Beating him several times was a nice stress reliever! Picking my beloved Lilligant in Mix-matches.. Never forgive..)
    Then I found out you could grab it from the wingull kid.. So points saved and grabbed that.

    Was planning to EV-train my event Meloetta and then back to storymode. I think that dragon guy gym was next. Opelucid city or something iirc.

    Currently my team is around the 40s.
    Star players being:

    The others.. Change a lot right now. Aiming for a Golurk though.
    My starter was Snivy, but he got boxed after his last evolution and got replaced by Lilligant.
    And I picked Mei. Because she’s cute. Rosa_OD
    You could say she made me buy the game in the first place.. (Skipped BW)

    Next time, VNs!

    Join Avenue.. The changeable dialogue doesn’t change at all! Only for new visitors/shops!

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