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  • Danganronpa


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    Posted on: July 6, 2013 by Kam


    Finished Danganronpa (main story) earlier today (Though still have terrible luck getting the item for the ch3 CG. Did get the movie clip one. Cba to replay ch1 several times to finish profiles atm).
    Was spoilered who the Mastermind was before I started playing though.
    Still, the journey was good. But the epilogue .. didn’t satisfy me. Guess I’ll have to wait for Super Danganronpa 2 TLs…….
    Now I’m stuck with that terrible feeling of finishing something again. I hate that feeling.

    The anime for it started now, so I can still go with that. Or maybe finish reading Demonbane to get my mind off of this.
    Still have 2 routes left in that game! (No idea why I “quit” after finishing Al Azif’s..)

    Either way, Kirigiri is definitely best girl.
    Attachment levels growing close to Kanade’s.

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