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Dengeki G’s Festival! 17: Angel Beats!
Figures & Merchandise
Dengeki G’s Festival! 17: Angel Beats!
Posted on: August 7th, 2010 by Kam

The Angel Beats! craze is far from over here.
Yesterday, totally unexpected, my Dengeki Festival issue arrived!
Really, these daki’s are starting to stack up while I don’t even have any pillows for them..

Here’s the box, fresh from the package!
Kanade and Yuri are showing it off.

Oh right, I never mentioned here..
A while ago I got the Dengeki G’s with the SUPER-ADORABLE Kanade Nendoroid Petit.
Catch up on the Kanade Petit on these links:

– Petit Kanade! Chibicon Loot! And Friday Loot!
– Tachibana Kanade’s Surprising Wardrobe

I might re-post that article here someday..
Moving on, the box contains~

Kanade Lifesized Tapestry/Wallscroll.
Bunch of sticks & rope to set up the above.
A Manual for the above.
Yuri Dakimakura Cover.
GirlDeMo Keychain
And of course, the book itself.

The book itself contains a lot of great artwork and summaries of all the TV episode & Track Zero Novel Chapters.
Also some other stuff about the Voice Actors I think. What do I know, I can’t read this at all D:

I also got this mini cushion and towel last week, to stay on-topic with AB goods.

More AB stuff is on the way!
Like a Mug, keychains, deskmat, posters, Nendoroids, Figures, deck holders etc..

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