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  • All the Evils in This World

    All the Evils in This World

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    Posted on: July 7, 2010 by Kam

    A lot, and I do mean some serious stuff, has been going around here the past months.
    Good, bad and plain horrible stuff.
    And once in a while a shining moment that makes you taste happiness.
    Sadly, that stays with once in a while to “Hey, let’s show something so adorable he’ll die from a heart attack!”

    Let’s get straight to the horrible news.
    Since a month+ ago, my mother was turning as yellow as a banana and had to visit the hospital multiple times.
    She even had to stay there for several weeks.
    To explain it simply, she has some sort of intestine cancer.
    And with the doctors not being the greatest guys to re-assure you, they gave her a few months tops.

    Hearing your mother is going to die in several months isn’t the greatest of news, right?
    Things are quite hectic here at home and real-life has to sort itself together before happy-super-fun-times can return to the Internet.
    With the addition of Angel Beats ending and me, being one of the hugest Kanade fans on this planet (self-proclaimed, though people who know me can vow for it), I fell into a week-long depression while trying to put on a confident face.

    I’m over the AB ending now. Otonashi got together with Kanade again.
    Maeda confirmed in an interview, it was Otonashi’s reward. Don’t bother him about it.
    Though the ending still makes me cry like a little girl.
    Saya no Uta gave a 2 week depression after marathoning the entire Novel w/ endings.
    So that experience shortened it, thankfully.
    This cancer thing is harder to digest though.

    Going into better, but still annoying stuff.
    Graduation project.

    Basically, my task is to Animate the first half of the Requiem For Sanity “Galrath Saga”  (Leaving the swamps up to Galrath unlocking the Wizard’s Tower).
    This is the reason why there aren’t any comics for a while.
    It won’t be a 1:1 animation, I’ll add in changes.
    One thing I can spoil is that the entire Vanguard party will attack Galrath instead of Karuro’s “IMMA GONNA DUEL HIM LOL” chivalry thing on an apocalyptic scenery. It’ll be cool if the budget works out (What budget?)

    Now that’s Horrible News and Bad News covered.
    Next post will be about the Positive things in life, hopefully.
    Like Kanade being my eternal Waifu and that she’s eating my wallet and stuff.
    And the new anime season flavors.

    And for the love of god, stuff those vuvuzela’s in your ass before I do it to you.

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