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  • Angel Beats! E06 Summary

    Angel Beats! E06 Summary

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    Posted on: May 22, 2010 by Kam

    Work piling up again. Yare yare..
    So I’ll be making all these summaries now. Three episode. One a post.
    I’ll make that Ichiban one another day *Yawn* It’s getting late.
    So here’s the Episode 6 summary.

    Apparently the SSS spend the night in the Reflection Room after being caught by Naoi last episode.
    As soon as they get out, they start discussing how to handle him, as he’s worse than Kanade.
    For the moment, everyone should just do whatever they want during classes, as long as they don’t get in the way of the NPC’s.
    As they all leave, Yuri hands Otonashi a walkie-talkie.

    Thus so, the SSS attend classes.
    Yui takes on the role of a student who needs to go to the toilet every minute, while others are playing mahjong, eating chips, working out or taking a nap. Kanade is following the lessons as usual.
    Right as Yui opens the door to go to the bathroom again, she comes face to face with Naoi who is ready to drag everyone to the Reflection Room again.
    Some hide whatever they were doing, jump out of the window or just flee.
    After their grand escape, Yuri witnesses Naoi beating up some NPC students on the roof..

    Otonashi decides to go back to class to invite Kanade for some Mapo Tofu.
    It’s still way too hot for him, but Kanade finds it delicious.
    However, Naoi interrupts them because eating during break time is apparently a violation (What the hell?).
    Otonashi and Kanade get thrown into an underground cell with quite a sturdy and secured door locking them in.
    Kanade’s feeling sleepy and decides to take a nap.
    While Otonashi is panicking, his walkie-talkie buzzes on with Yuri calling him out.
    The SSS is fighting against Naoi above ground and need Kanade’s help.
    Naoi is a human just like them and he was beating up students so he wouldn’t disappear.

    Otonashi wakes Kanade up and begs her for help.
    She tries to slash open the door with Hand Sonic, but it’s no use.
    Otonashi somehow reminded himself of when Kanade stabbed him after asking his stupid question to prove if he couldn’t die.
    They might’ve been friends instead of enemies if it weren’t for that.
    Kanade has no friends, because they would all disappear.
    Because they would have to follow the schools regulations.

    She upgrades to Hand Sonic Version 2, a thinner and longer version. But still no go..
    Version 3, a tridant. Quite inelegant, but cool.
    Version 4, a lotus. She was going for a flower. Maybe it looked too cute?

    Otonashi suddenly has a plan to escape.
    Kanade puts Hand Sonic v2 between the door lock, then transforms to v3 followed by v4 to blow up the door.
    They both escape to the outside, only to be met with a pool of blood on the school grounds..

    All of the SSS was taken out by Naoi and his men.
    He runs to Hinata who’s bleeding to death, pulling another “Are you..” joke. But it isn’t the time for that.
    Naoi commands Kanade to go back, but Otonashi interferes by telling her if she agrees that this sight is just not right.
    She activates Hand Sonic again to start her attack, but Naoi interferes, asking her if she’s rebelling against God. For he, is God.

    Naoi explains that they all could’ve become God, but they resisted it.
    He himself however, accepted it because he didn’t bound himself to his old life.
    He picks up Yuri and starts to hypnotize her into thinking she has reached her state of Nirvana, so she would disappear just like Iwasawa.
    Otonashi suddenly punches Naoi into the ground, waking up Yuri from the hypnotism.
    He screams at Naoi, yelling that their lives were real and that he shouldn’t get rid of her with a fake memory.
    That erasing them in a blink of an eye is wrong. it were they lives they led and carved into themselves.
    Wasn’t his life real too!?

    And so, Naoi falls into a flashback.
    He was born from a famous potter, and of course that father wanted his sons to become so as well.
    His twin brother and he were playing but fell out of a tree.
    His brother died.
    Their father however marked Naoi dead and forced him to go into his brothers role.
    His brother had the talent, while he himself had none. It was hard for him.
    He couldn’t catch up to what his brother made.
    Dedicating his life to become a potter his father would accept..
    Then his father died and Naoi lost his reason to live. His life was fake..

    Otonashi snaps Naoi out of his daze and embraces him. Screaming he worked hard and that his life was real.
    That he struggled hard. Because he’s there.
    Naoi asks if Otonashi could acknowledge him. As himself.
    He does and peace is once again restored to the After Life.

    Next Episode: Alive

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