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  • Angel Beats! E05 Summary

    Angel Beats! E05 Summary

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    Posted on: May 4, 2010 by Kam

    And now for episode 5.
    The first half is entertaining, but then.. Despair.
    It’s time for you to pick a side, young reader.

    First of all, the old OP is back. With Tenshi playing on the piano.
    The only thing changed is that Yui has replaced Iwasawa.

    We see Tenshi, busy writing down schoolwork in class. The scene then shifts to Yuri, proclaiming the time has come.
    Tenshi’s assault begins (Otonashi immediately imagines the SSS facing a Tenshi clone army).
    But that’s quickly ripped apart as Yuri reveals it’s exam season.
    If they do the tests and pass, they might disappear. Yuri thinks it’s a good opportunity to take Tenshi down.
    She wants to interfere with Tenshi’s tests and make her get bad marks. With that, she won’t be the Student Council President anymore.

    After the mission briefing, Otonashi, Hinata, Takamatsu, Ooyama, Takeyama and herself head to the exam classroom to get seats through lottery.
    The only one close enough to Tenshi is Takamatsu.
    The plan is that after the exam, someone distracts Tenshi and the class, so Takeyama can switch Tenshi’s answer sheet with one containing

    horrible answers. But what do they write for her name? Tenshi? Student Council President?
    Yuri orders Otonashi to look at the register in the staff room after wondering how the heck they don’t know her name.
    As he wants to leave the classroom, Tenshi (adorably) pulls on his jacket, asking what’s wrong.
    Otonashi says he’s nervous (lies) and Tenshi tries to comfort him, saying everything will be alright (D’aww). They then exchange names.

    Tachibana Kanade.

    (What a beautiful name. Meaning “Playing Music”)
    As he returns to tell the others her name, Yuri (melancholyish) says “Oh yeah..”

    And so, the test starts..

    Oddly, Otonashi seems to know the answers even though he has memory loss.
    He quickly erases some of his answers, because acing it might be a condition to disappear.

    As the test ends, Hinata has to distract everyone.. By shouting something stupid.
    With the NPC’s and Kanade ignoring him, Yuri goes Plan B.
    And launches his chair into the roof.
    During a replay, the ED song plays~

    Now it’s Takamatsu’s turn to distract.. Since the same thing won’t work twice.
    After the group argues about Takeyama’s job, Yuri screams to tell them to shut up.

    Before Kanade intervenes, Otonashi quickly runs over to tell her that they were talking about the test and figured out they had some answers wrong and apologizes.

    Next test, same like last time.
    Time for the distraction.. He has to do it.

    Takamatsu stands up from his seat and says he looks thinner wearing clothes, because he secretly works out (while pushing off his jacket, revealing a masculine body).
    But it fails.. ROCKET LAUNCH!

    Next test, Ooyama has to confess to Kanade as distraction.

    The group argues again and Otonashi has to stop Kanade as well again.. His lie this time is that Yuri dreamed about Hinata.. Kanade somehow assumes there are multiple Hinata’s and it might be quite discomforting.

    And so, the next exam is done and Ooyama confesses to Kanade, which she replies with “Pick a place and time then”.
    Ooyama suffers a fatal shock, but nobody has been distracted yet. Hinata launches into the ceiling for a second time.

    In the end, the SSS managed to get Kanade the lowest score of the school.
    She had to retire as Kaichou and the Vice-Pres became the new one.
    They immediately did another concert to collect meal coupons to see if Kanade would still react.

    As Yui and GirlDeMo play their new song, which was left behind by Iwasawa, Kanade does appear.

    But not to stop them. She walks over to the vending machines to grab a meal coupon, which gets blown out of her hand as the turbines are started. With a sad look, she holds her arm in the air..

    The SSS go out to get dinner with their new coupons.
    Otonashi seems to have a mapo tofu one, that nobody dares to eat.
    Yuri explains that was Kanade’s coupon, which got blown along with the rest.

    Otonashi asks if Kanade could join them, now that she isn’t an enemy anymore. A large part of the SSS refuse, because she killed many of their allies.
    Otonashi is left imagining Kanade eating her favorite food alone in the cafeteria..

    The credits this time include Takamatsu without his jacket on, flashing muscles like Armstrong.
    After the credits, however..

    The new Student Council President arrives with his men, ready to get everyone in detention.

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    One Response to “Angel Beats! E05 Summary”

    1. Netstryke says:

      Tenshi has turned face. and business has just picked up. There’s a new sheriff in school and the SSS are Wanted!

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