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  • Rebuild 2.0

    Rebuild 2.0

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    Posted on: July 20, 2009 by Kam

    Ha, I should throw this in a Summary article sometime.
    Had time to kill and decided to write a summary of Rebuild 2.0
    Do note that I watched this without understanding a word, since there weren’t any subs.

    It kicks off with NERV America or England.. Not sure, but they talk English.
    And Mari’s British so yea, might be England..
    Anyways, they’re preparing Unit 05 for combat.
    The inside of the cockpit is the first major change you’ll notice.
    First of all, Mari’s more buff plugsuit.
    In the arms are several cables connecting to Unit 05. This is probably the nerve-links or something. Another obvious thing is the helmet she wears.
    Unlike our old cast, she’s hyped to fight.

    During this, the Angel breaches into the building. Tanks and all fire at it.
    05 is activated and send into the tunnels.
    Mari’s singing a happy song while making rowing movements. Guess you gotta row to move 05.
    She finds the target, some sort of new Skeletal-type Angel.
    Eventually they both reach a higher floor due some sort of tractor-beam pulling them up.
    She pierces the angel stuck into a pillar, looks dead. But it’s not, some more angel-beams.
    Eventually she manages to break the core. But all new angels don’t just explode. No, they blow up into millions of liters of angel blood.
    Unit 05 self-destructs as Mari ejects. Kaji goes “Just as planned” in his airplane.
    And we’ll never see Unit-05 ever again.

    Even though most of the scenes are a bit foggy in these first 5 minutes and clouded with dust, the animation is awesome. That goes as well for the other upcoming battles.

    Next is the Shinji & Gendo at the graveyard scene..
    As Shinji and Misato drive over the hallway, a new Angel attacks.

    This one was dubbed as the Clock-Angel by watchers.
    Really, I have no clue what the names of these are or what number.
    It was already confusing that Sachiel is now the 4th Angel instead of the 3rd and that they ditched Gaghiel, Israfel, Sandalphon, Matariel, Iruel and Leliel for 2 new Angels (Skeletal and clock)

    Anyways, the Clock-Angel waltz into Tokyo-3 casually like Jesus walking on water. Only every step freezes the area.
    JSSDF is firing at them again. Can’t they learn by now their weapons have no effect? About 10 navy vessels get launched into the air, Cross-explosions. All thanks to the new Angel’s beam.
    But have no fear, Unit-02 is here!

    Airplanes fly over The lake. Prolly the same ones Kaji was in.
    02 gets dropped out mid-air, activates it’s new Flying-equipment and confronts the angel. Dodging all lance-like attacks of the clock-angel, 02 equips some sort of Gun-bow weapon and fires away.
    All hits are mark-on, all while she’s still dodging. Head blows up, looks like the angel is defeate— NOPE!
    02 fires more shots, but no effect as the angel booed up AT-Field.exe.
    With no other options left, 02 goes INAZUMA KIIIIIIIICCCCCCKKKKKKKK (Watch Gunbuster/Diebuster, people).
    With sheer force she breaks through the AT-Field, straight through the giant core and destroys the angel once and for all.
    With a superb landing, she knocks a car against the feet of 00 who has appeared out of nowhere.
    As the two EVA’s are prepared to drive back to NERV, Asuka is introduced to the cast. Sorry folks, no glorious panty-shot like with the tv series.
    She’s wearing her plugsuit.

    Kaji delivers Adam to Gendo scene.
    Asuka moves in with Misato and Shinji..
    Naked Asuka a la PenPen-situation, like with Shinji.
    This time only covered with a beercan and a straw. When Shinji sees her, another Inazuma kick to the face.

    Gendo’s now on the moon. Kaworu still playing Fabulous.
    Class goes on a schooltrip to an aquarium.
    They have to be washed a dozen of times in cold/warm water I think.
    PenPen seems to be enjoying himself.

    When all is over, they’re greeted by the sealife and PenPen meets his fellow penguins. Asuka goes back to play on her NDS–Eh, phone?
    After lunch there was a Gay-Kaji scene or something.
    All jokingly I hope, or Misato would be pissed..
    Flashback of 2nd Impact also in there.

    Later, the angel Sahaquiel attacks! Well, drops out of the sky.
    This one got a major make-over compared to the other old angels. Can’t desribe it pretty well, but he started out as a ball that looked like Leliel, but then turned into something like Sahaquiel’s form, but all rainbowy flashing colors and tentacles on top of it or something.
    The running shots of all 3 EVA’s are pretty impressive. Very dynamic.
    Shinji even manages to break the sound barrier by running with 01.
    The music accompanying this scene is very epic.
    01 expands the AT-Field and starts catching the Angel.
    But something new happens again..!!
    A hole appears under the Angel and something that looks like a Hollow from Bleach is moving out, piercing the hands of 01.
    Shinji screaming. The epic music turns more epic as 00 and 02 are getting in sight. Whole screen is purple-tinted during the angels impact. The whole area looks like a purple hell.
    02 equips the twin-knives and attacks the AT-Field, no effects!
    30 Seconds of power remain for the EVA’s.
    The tentacle-like people-figured thingies on the angel’s back start to rise.
    00 manages to stick her hands through the At-Field and grabs the core of the angel. 02 thrusts both knives + a knee in to destroy the core.
    Whole Tokyo-3 is flooded by a tsunami of Angel blood as it explodes.

    Few scenes later on the school roof, Mari flies down with a parachute and bumps against Shinji with her breasts in his face as usual.
    She starts sniffing him like a dog and “Mmmm… Smells like LCL”
    Trust me, Mari is the Kamina of Evangelion.

    Hmm.. Let’s skip to the awesome scenes as I have no understanding of the casual talking scenes like Kaji’s melons.
    Oh, and Asuka and Rei are cooking food for Shinji and Rei even invites Gendo.
    Unit 04 blows up America, again.
    Unit 03 is delivered, Asuka designated as it’s test-pilot.
    She wears a rather revealing plugsuit for this.

    As activation starts, she suddenly gets wings in the cockpit. Strange, looks amusing.. Till she gets sucked up and taken over by the angel.
    Unit0 03 is now classified as the Angel, Bardiel.

    01 is send in to fight, Shinji fully aware Asuka is inside (I guess?)
    He fights weakly like in the series. Bardiel starts choking 01. 01 tries to pull them away, but Bardiel grows 2 extra arms to choke more!!!!!
    Gendo has enough of this and activates.. The Dummyplug System.

    This one also had a small make-over. Instead of just running dummyplug.exe and the EVA is now under it’s control, two robot arms appear from behind the pilot seat and take over the controls. A sort of helm also covers Shinji’s head.
    Neadless to say, Dummyplug mode tears Bardiel aparts. Biting off arms and the like. Till 01 finally has the plug in it’s mouth.. And breaks it.
    During Dummyplug mode, a creepy children’s song is playing. *brr*

    Few scenes later Shinji in 01 is seen jumping on the NERV HQ Piramid out of frustration. Hell, I’d do that too.
    And so, he leaves NERV. Again.

    Now for the finale-fight of rebuild 2.0
    Zeruel attacks!!!!
    He looks the same as always, only the legs/stomach are wrapped in the same stuff as his arms so he looks like a mummy down there.
    He breaches through the protective layers easily into the Geofront.
    Mari, having taken over Unit 02 as it’s pilot, is shooting like crazy at Zeruel.
    At-Field is thrown on by Zer, not much use shooting now.
    Mari thinks so as well and casually throws the guns away and.. GRABS HER HARPOON!!!!!!!
    And she jumps with joy towards Zeruel.
    AT-Field still blocks it, but the tremor of the impact creates a sort of crator, blowing stuff up.
    She then fires off those needles hidden in 02’s shoulderpads. No effect.
    And she gets blown away to the other side of the geofront.
    She stands up from her seat and looks at Zer. No use with this stuff.
    Lights go red, restraints shatter from 02’s shoulders. Poles appear everywhere out of 02’s back and the mouth breaks opens, revealing creepy teeth. Mari’s new pink plugsuit also starts to glow at it’s orbs on the hands, chest etc. Kinda like Nono’s Bustermachine suit.
    Anyways, Berserker mode is a double edged sword.
    The pilot will now really share the same pain as the EVA and is thus under constant stress.
    Her own eyes start glowing. She must be a Spiral Warrior.
    This scene starts playing the great music from the latest 2.0 Trailer. Great stuff.

    Cable shoots off and she rushes at Zer, shattering through several layers of ATF. She gets slapped away by Zer a few times, but she keeps Falcon Punching through the layers like they’re made from glass.
    Zeruel uses Gomu Gomu no Bazooka and blows off an arm and a bit of the stomach from 02. Mari tries attacking again, but also gets punched away again.

    The ground splits open and Unit 00 appears with a freaking Nuclear Missile or something. Thats some bigger stuff than an N2 mine like the series |D

    With rocket boosters, Rei tries to push the rocket through the ATF.
    Still not helping. 02 crawls back and starts BITING away pieces of ATF.
    Enough is gone and the rocket thrusts into the throat of Zeruel. 00 throws 02 away to save her. Explosions occur.

    The smoke clears up and 00 stands there charred and broken. Zeruel is unharmed.
    Like they were attempting comedy, Zeruel suddenly eats up 00 (And Rei), only leaving the legs on the ground.
    Shinji had run again from the refugee and sees this.
    Zeruel then casually spits out 00’s head.
    Weird comedy you got there, Anno.
    Anyways, Zeruel now starts to change into Zeruel-Rei (Like Lilith-Rei in End of Evangelion). Yup, Third Impact is upon us.

    Mari tells Shinji from out 02 to man the F up and so, Shinji goes back to NERV.
    Meanwhile, 01 is screaming for Shinji in a near-state of Berserk mode.
    Gendo acknowledges it’s Yui calling Shinji.

    Zeruel smashes into HQ. 01 bursts through the wall knocking him (her?) aside.
    On the N64, I hate this level.
    01 pushes Zer to the launchpad and they air back to the surface.
    Shinji fights against Zeruel as if he was in Berserker mode. As he’s ripping away flesh to reveal the Core, the power runs out.
    Great Shinji, you f’d up again!
    And Zer pierces the shutdown 01 and throws him away. 01’s also missing an arm by now.
    Shinji can’t stand this. He must get Rei back.
    And so, Shinji awakens his SPIRAL POWER!!! Eyes turning red, he activates Berserker mode like Mari did earlier. Not sure if it’s the same sort..
    All the green lights of 01 turn orange/red.
    He catches the next attack of Zer with his remaining arm.
    Then counters the beams with 01’s ATF. 01 then proceeds to regenrate the missing arm with MAGIC! No using Zer’s arm, nope. it appears all out of white particles, so magic.

    It appears to be that after obtaining the magic-arm, 01 can now copy moves.
    He uses a Transformer attack like Ramiels and blows Zeruel away again, followed by an angel eye-beam. Sure got GAR all of a sudden, Shinji.
    Zer’s ATF is no match for 01’s Eyebeam and he gets blasted away some more.

    01 then gets a sudden Angel Halo, like Shamshel and the Moon-EVA have.
    Think it’s suggested here that Shinji’s turning into soup and becoming God.
    01 launches another eye-beam, breaking open Zeruels chest revealing the core.
    He crashes Zer’s skull into the ground and rams it’s hand against the core to save Rei.
    In the meantime, he’s triggering Third Impact. Silly boy.
    Eventually he saves Rei (While a Giant red naked Rei appears once again before 01. Another cheery kids song playing as the End of the World draws near.. The credits roll but..!!
    A spear shoots out of the sky and pierces through 01’s chest.
    “Third Impact? I don’t think so~” Must be what Kaworu was thinking as he descended in the Moon-EVA. Then there’s the next-movie preview~

    All in all, Rebuild 2.0 was pretty kickass in Angel-fights. I need some subs before I can really understand this one’s story though :P

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