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  • A Neverending Story

    A Neverending Story

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    Posted on: October 3, 2007 by Kam

    A lot of characters have died the last few months.
    So let’s start with this then (Read: Spoilers):
    Kamina, Nia, almost the whole Gurren-dan, Rossiu’s face, Higurashi cast (till Hanyuu reboot), Makoto (no, don’t rest), Sekai (you too), Mao, Amber, all other contractors, the other guys in DtB, Kanata (Though she already was dead), the soldiers Saito slaughtered in Frenzy-mode, the pet-snakes of the Mermaid Pimp, Light, L, the hundreds of people Light killed, the Devil May Cry demon-folk, Anti-Spiral, some Claymores, more Humans & Yoma, The Elevens, Euphemia, soldiers, innocents, Maybe Romeo & Juliet (Again, they gotta sub it faster darnit), the Numberd Combat Robots from Strikers and probably a whole heck a lot of more people from stuff I haven’t even watched or forgot to mention.
    People die when they are kil–!!! No, nevermind.

    New site-top-banner is up on the Requiem site, more up-to-date with the main cast. Derr.. Possibility of finishing the character screen this month. Afterwards, back to whenever-comics. Though I have some awesome fillers willing to sketch out :o

    Now Arenanet, gimme SMS payment (ALL OF EUROPE!!) before the month ends or there’ll be one angry dutchman with a stick staring at you for the rest of your life, in the rain, eating potato chips. Yes, try to resist that! WHAT HAS GAMING DONE!?

    And finally, CLANNAD. How I love thee.. Nagisa’s family rocks.

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