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Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations
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Tsubasa Chronicle: Tokyo Revelations
Posted on: September 20th, 2007 by Kam

If you’ve been stalking me on AnimeOST, you’d know by now that I was doing research on the missing “season 3” of Tsubasa Chronicle, which turned out to be a 3-part OVA. I’ll just dump the info here + new smexy screenshots from the trailer which got just released!

Well, I’ll just make a small summary of the collected articles.
Suspected reasons who Season 3 Never came to be, was because the channel it was broadcasted on thought it was way too violent (Acid Tokyo, especially).
Anywho, Tsubasa Chronicle will now be getting it’s own OVA, separated into 3 parts:
OVA 1 – The Magician’s Message
OVA 2 – The Boy’s Right Eye
OVA 3 – The Dream Saw by The Princess

This most likely means it’ll be just Acid Tokyp, judging from the titles. As there is no mention of Death Chess and Celes Country.

It is not yet sure if you HAVE to buy volumes 21 to 23 to get the DVD (Well, we all know we will be waiting for a subbed version ;) ).

Now to NEW news, I just watched the new Tsubasa trailer, which showed the beginning of the Acid Tokyo Arc (Well, maybe we should call it Tokyo Revelations now..)
The release date is announced to be November 16.

Screenshots can be found here
For the trailer, there’s Youtube

In other news, I found this awesome Manga store near my school and bought Excel Saga vol 1 & 2 + Evangelion vol 10. Will return for some .hack tomorrow ^^

Now, I have this urge to slap the living hell out of the girl from that Axe-Murder incident this week, as due that, School Days, Higurashi Kai and probably other murder anime eps being canceled.

“Nice Boat” my ass.

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