Time to act like a man and Update!

Time to act like a man and Update!

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Posted on: June 27, 2008 by Kam

Update 3 July: Comic on Friday or Saturday. Finishing final bits of schoolwork and we’ll enter vacation! o/
Misc’d it, because it’s a bit from everything.

Today’s main dish:

After all those years, I can finally “read” the novel instead of using a crappy translator and watching pretty pictures! Can’t wait till the people are done with completely translating Higurashi and Heaven’s Feel route from Fate/Stay Night.
And that was why it was the best day this week yet.








As for dessert:

A flash animation! Who could’ve guessed that? It’s mainly for school, but I though it was funky enough to upload it on the site. Since it’s well, advertising the site and all about me. I think. Yea.

And before you leave:
Because it took me two years to get that on ONE character. I’m very slowpoke when it comes to titles in GW, but I just can’t stand doing the same thing for hours with no end in sight. Hope GW2 takes a different approach.