Calling in sick

Calling in sick

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Posted on: December 7, 2007 by Kam

I’m sick.
That is all.


Yes, I actually am sick. I’m not a super-human who’s resistant to colds and fevers, dammit! Hectic period as always, have to draw 2 sort-of commissions for the GWO forums soon (Yes, draw. As in, on paper. No Anivoy-chars this time, lads). I’m still picking up the ropes of coloring drawings on Photoshop (See example in the “Gwen vs Me” Requiem Filler). Really have to know where to shade and where not. Tricky bits.

I WILL get a comic up before Christmas. Heck, I even upgraded my Flash finally (From 2004 MX to 8 Prof. Screw CS3) so I can use those photoshop thingymadjits in the drawing fases. Might work better and saves time with editting in Photoshop I’d guess. Will have to see how that works out.

No, I am not dead. Just sick.
And Megatron ate a burger at Burger King. And ended up in the trashbin (True story of epic awesomeness on a boring 2-hour schoolbreak with friends. You had to be there). Though his brother, my Megatron, is dancing happily on the shelf. Next to Kingdom Hearts Cloud. Let the battle between titans begin, I say.