Are you really an Angel?

Are you really an Angel?

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Posted on: January 17, 2011 by Kam

It’s like I can’t photoshop anything anymore without it spreading over the internet. Oh well…

New season, new shows.
Kore wa Zombie desu ka? is among my favorites.
It parodies all the clich├ęs and you end up with a crossdressing zombie magical “girl” with a chainsaw.
Besides him, Yuu is adorable.

I didn’t shoop the pic on the left because “ZOMG SHE LOOKS LIKE TENSHI”, as apparently many people claim.. but because I just felt like adding two cute characters together. Especially like Kanade’s “Nice helmet” look. Really, no other intentions!

Besides Zombie, Yumekui Merry’s been interesting.
Even going so far as to pre-order a DVD just for Merry’s Nendoroid petit.. Goddammit Japan!
I even ordered those two Dragon magazines with the figures of Yuu and Haruna!
Anyways, I like the dreamworld aspect of Merry and John Doe’s a badass bro. Judging from spoilers, this will turn out to be a Bro series full with Bros for Bros such as myself, Bro.

Finally, Gosick. I just like these old English settings combined with mystery. Could be Umineko rubbing off though, no idea.
Though the style has always fascinated me in Rozen Maiden and the like.

Also watching other shows this season like IS, Freezing.. I dropped Madoka.
I don’t care if it’s slideshow Shaft, I just don’t like this show.
Same goes for the anime of Oniichan ohgodthenameistoolong.
The gag manga was ok to read because you read through it quite fast, but this is just.. No.

Later Edit: And then Madoka won me back with Akemi Homura: Total Badass.
Marathon’d up to the latest ep and joined in the wait for the final 2 episodes.
Remember to stick to the 3-episode-rule, kids.

I also got loot two weeks ago I didn’t bother to post. See the rest of the article for those pictures.

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