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  • Into the Retro 2: Universal Game Case

    Into the Retro 2: Universal Game Case

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    Posted on: September 23, 2018 by Kam

    As seen on Twitter!

    Continuing on from the last Retro post; I’ve updated my covers!
    Since I have a decent salary now (Hurrah), I decided to check out some copy shops in the area, and I happened to walk into one who were giving people 25 free full color prints, that week only.

    A sign of the ancient gods! Since I have exactly 25 UGCs (but not yet 25 N64 games to fill them with, so I had to pick what I was most likely going to buy in the future).

    Oh, these color prints are gorgeous! A giant improvement over what the home printer spits out.
    And if I ever need replacements or new covers, it’s only 20cts.

    These are some of the simple, ink-friendly, sprite-based covers I made as placeholders:

    They have their own charm, and they did the job, but the indents (Not even sure if I’m using the right word, but whatever) of the spine really show on all that white.
    After removing these old covers, I noticed they were actually dented now too.

    I already mentioned last time that I wasn’t that happy with the batch I ordered, today I even noticed the plastic sleeves are a bit misaligned on some cases. Wonderful..

    Anyways, back to happiness:

    I’ve cut out about half of them by now and damn, do I wish that copy shop had a cutting service. But I did them in twos and eventually covered all the games I own so far.

    UGC compared to my awesome quality Conker box.
    I’d do others, but they’re all PAL. Conker’s my only USA import game to compare with these.

    Oh man, oh man, oh man. They look so gorgeous! So glad I went through with getting these printed.
    It’s obvious, I mainly went with the USA covers. Sole reason being the spines, because y’know.. PAL’s solid black most of the time. Doesn’t look as interesting.

    I stuck with PAL Goemon and changed the bar red, because for some reason the US decided they had to make a new terrible logo for the game, and this guy doesn’t want to deal with that shit.

    I -am- considering to replace that Ocarina of Time cover though. The solid color made the indent show a bit. I put some thicker paper behind it to show less, but the cover itself stands out a bit too much imo. I’ll see if I can photoshop something nice together in the future.

    And the reason why Yoshi’s Story is totally different and Japanese is because… My game’s in Japanese.
    Felt it was appropriate to go with that.

    “I’m going into the reverse and instead of paying shitloads of money on a Nintendo Switch, I’m expanding my N64 collection a bit” – Kam

    ..so I’m probably gonna end of paying shitloads of money for Switch stuff.
    I mean, I already bought the Breath of the Wild Limited Edition, Fate/Extella, imported Okami HD from Japan, got Pokemon Let’s Go + Poke Ball and Valkyria Chronicle 4 Limited Editon on preorder.. Considering Caligula CE. Still without owning an actual Switch!

    But this Monday is pay day! ..but I’m also not buying a Switch yet. First those long postponed room upgrades are in order.
    Since Black Friday sales are a thing now here in Holland, I’m gutting for a nice discount. And buy a discounted game (or 2?) with the money I saved. Win-Win.

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