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  • One box a day keeps the.. something.. away?

    One box a day keeps the.. something.. away?

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    Posted on: March 12, 2020 by Kam

    Well, I’m not unboxing every day, but I am doing batches!
    If you’ve been peeking at the Twitter, the Saga of the Leaky Roof is finally over. And hopefully it stays that way.
    Unfortunately, now I’m in a forest of boxes, and unboxing them with little space is quite tedious (move this pile to make room to open that pile, etc).
    So I’m slowly getting through them all…

    First up were the new scales!

    …yes, quite fanservice-y.
    Jibril was a nightmare to get all the protective plastic off and Steph suffered from the issue of her bow not being in her mouth.
    Thankfully, a hairdryer and my fingers were all it took to fix that.

    Unfortunately I forgot all about the Akibarangers MMZ I’ve got reboxed. So I’ll have to re-arrange this display again later.
    Will have to again anyways once High Elf Ar- No, wait. She’s delayed due the corona virus. Geez…….
    Well I’ve got some model base risers on the way that should help clan the display a bit more. Looking forward to the Rounded ones to put Cryska on.

    Next up were the Smash 64 OG roster!

    Now these two.. Oh my..
    Both took hours to unbox and assemble.
    Swapping Strelizia’s face is a huge PITA and her lance was annoying to set up in her hand.

    As for 2B, the entire plastic contraption behind her, that holds Pod and her weapons, all had holes too small for the parts to put in.
    Here comes the hairdryer (+screwdriver) again… I think these are actually made of rubber. Hopefully it doesn’t dig into the equipment/2B over a summer.
    Looking at you, figma EVA girls’ thighs and Action Man McDonalds toys (It.. Well.. There was a rubber band on it and it literally melted into the plastic).

    Planning to repose the Madoka and Monogatari figma next, then unbox Yotsugi and the Shinobu’s. Want to set up the Strike Witches and KanColle on sepearte plates, too. And go Sentai with my Guppies.
    Already took all day yesterday to find my spare multi plates….

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