Into the Retro 2: Universal Game Case
Into the Retro 2: Universal Game Case
Posted on: September 23rd, 2018 by Kam

As seen on Twitter!

Continuing on from the last Retro post; I’ve updated my covers!
Since I have a decent salary now (Hurrah), I decided to check out some copy shops in the area, and I happened to walk into one who were giving people 25 free full color prints, that week only.

A sign of the ancient gods! Since I have exactly 25 UGCs (but not yet 25 N64 games to fill them with, so I had to pick what I was most likely going to buy in the future).

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A breath of the wild
A breath of the wild
Posted on: July 14th, 2018 by Kam

“It’s a statue, not a figurine!”

With Yayifications of employment, comes the craze of preparing to buy stuff you couldn’t before.
Planning to get a Switch with my first or second paycheck, followed by some new releases end of the year (You can probably guess which).
But while gazing at these things online, I noticed a lone Breath of the Wild Limited Edition box still being sold (Still retail price, too!).

So I bought it, without owning a Switch (yet).
T-That bookcase can wait another month.. *Drowns in boxes*

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