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  • MEANWHILE, in a couple of dusty folders..

    MEANWHILE, in a couple of dusty folders..

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    Posted on: April 8, 2017 by Kam

    I… should probably work on these things again soon. 


    • Requiem for Sanity #173 – Yes, I’m getting us the heck out of the maguuma.
    • Webcomic “Anivoy” T2 .. something.
      I’ll have to remove the Figure comics from the archive since they’re stand alone now.
    • Scéal, or whatever name I’ll be giving it now.. Restarting, AGAIN. Lyssa, why.
      It’s like I’m rewriting the same day over and over again.. Which is ironic, conside- oops.

    On the Japan front, what a terrible lot of anime we’ve had lately. Only a few good new shows. (Excluding S2s).
    Dropped a lot of things on the first episode, while I usually torture myself and keep watching.
    I looked forward to Granblue Fantasy, but oh god.. Rie’s using her ear-bleeding annoying mascot voice and I really REALLY cannot listen to that for 20 minutes every week. All you people who can; you’re blessed with bad hearing. I hate my dog-whistle-hearing.. hearing.

    And then there’s crap like Hand Shakers. As if the title alone wasn’t “ugh” enough, it’s just a copy+paste K-Project, even sharing a VA here and there and being generally more terrible.

    But there were some fun shows.
    Little Witch Academia- Actually, let’s exclude that because movies.
    Uh, Gabriel Dropout (Satania a best), and.. Hm…
    Chaos;Child was okay, I guess? Probably works better as a VN. I know Chaos;Head did.

    I’ve -heard- Maid Dragon was good, but haven’t started that yet. I’ve kinda been watching older stuff and/or western cartoons lately.
    After being pleased with Star vs the Forces of Evil I followed advice and watched Gravity Falls. Now going even further back and watching The Critic (How’d I end up there?).
    Also during one of those “What’s wrong with Cartoon Network” kind of videos, something showed up like they grabbed The Slayers, threw it through a cartoon blender and made the cast even more retarded?

    I can’t be the only one seeing this ಠ_ಠ

    I’ve also committed the grave sin of skipping through all the duels since Zarc appeared in Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.
    Watched it all faithfully until then, but.. Nggh… Card game shows are really not my thing and I just watched for the little plot there was that hooked me in the beginning (And cuties like Yuzu and Mieru, whose screentime was either reduced to missing/captured or removed entirely). Also too much Jack and Crow wanking.

    Currently just raging at being stuck on terrible teams in PvP this season in the GeeWee Toos.
    Just need like, 30 more wins and I’m done with that backpack.. Oh, and SAB grinding. Bleh.
    Did make Tigris though.
    I miss season 5.

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