Stop! Requiem Time

Stop! Requiem Time

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Posted on: July 2, 2017 by Kam

This week, it’s time for Requiem to get a comic!
It’s really just one to get us the heck out of that place. A few Denravi comics will follow and then we’re off to Riverside Province!

MEANWHILE, in a couple of dusty folders..

MEANWHILE, in a couple of dusty folders..

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Posted on: April 8, 2017 by Kam

I… should probably work on these things again soon. 

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Requiem #167

Requiem #167

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Posted on: March 4, 2012 by Kam

After like.. 1.5 years.. A new Requiem for Sanity comic! Yay!
There was supposed to be another comic in its place, but that one is moved to next time.
And you’re in for a surprise.

Click the image to read the latest comic!

Crawling Up

Crawling Up

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Posted on: June 21, 2011 by Kam

Getting back on the bad news from last time and an explanation on the deadness.
My mother passed away three weeks ago.

A lot of stuff had to be done, but in the year that she was fighting her cancer she made some preparations herself as well. But it was a peaceful death and beautiful funeral.

Afterwards it was pretty depressing everywhere (as you can imagine), though I tried to distract myself quite a bit.
Days went by with sleeping, spacing out and reading random articles.. Life is now somewhat back to balance.
Well, sleeping hours are still pretty messed up (Thank you, Chaos;Head and your suspense) and keep missing the sun to make pretty pictures.

As such, Requiem wasn’t drawn as motivation plummeted.
It’ll stick to “It’s there when it’s there”. Even though I might promise to draw something, don’t listen to me.
It’s an annoying quirk I have.

What I can deliver is some other comics. Figure ones, but I threw them in the Anivoy archive anyways because it is one big Quack Experimental (Thank you Excel Saga) webcomic thing.
Or you can read them over at MFC:
I call it “The Legend of Araragi-kun”. It’ll just be a bunch of 4komas about his new life as a Protagonist. Hijinks ensue!

Still gotta catch up and digitalize all this loot from the past months as it keeps being delayed as well.
Currently on the way are Figma Kurisu, GSC Kanade and SEGA Seitokai figs. Keep on the watch as I can image-bomb them easier than here.

That will be all for now.

Seriously, best show of the season.

It's some deep shit.

It’s some deep shit.

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Posted on: May 26, 2011 by Kam

Well, this is one pretty awesome season for anime!
AnoHana, Denpa Onna and Steins;Gate among others.
And the silly faces in Deadman Wonderland, hah.

However, not so awesome in my real life, as much as this video is trying to cheer me up.
Mainly because my mother is on her deathbed and I have zero luck at finding a job due inexperience in the field of said jobs (Sorry, only did school. No part-time jobs in there).
The despair of being the thinking-type!
On a lighter note, I’m.. Trying to learn to draw.
Only to butcher it up once more into SD. I’ll throw in some sketches at a later date.
But hey, at least I’ll learn how to draw hands and feet! I hate those limbs..

Try to keep the Requiem comic in your sight in the coming weeks.
I’m gonna attempt to get back in the rhythm.
Though not before I do a story overhaul, rip out the things that are unnecessary and get the damned plot moving on.