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  • Al the Bootlegged Nendo Part 2

    Al the Bootlegged Nendo Part 2

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    Posted on: September 27, 2011 by Kam

    Behold, Part 2 of Al the Bootlegged Nendo! Didn’t expect that, now did you?
    Neither did I. I’d never have imagined to pick up a legit Al Azif Nendoroid!

    On a side note, I finally finished Al Azif Route last night.
    It was Elder God tier of awesome, if you catch my drift.

    And if you wish to see all my purchases of the last 4 months..
    You can see them here (That includes Toypla Demonbane and this Nendo Al Azif !!).

    Let the comparison commence!

    We’ll start off with the boxes!
    If you just ignore the figure as whole, the only difference at a glance that you’ll see is that one has a shiny sticker!
    What do stickers mean? It means it’s official.

    So to prevent any confusion from now on: Left = Bootleg, Right = Original.

    On the back of the box, the legit one has another sticker from AAA (lololololol even their own site is plastered with no hotlinking images).
    But that might only be because it was sold here in the west.
    Bootlegs box is also lighter and thinner than that of the original.
    Probably cheap cardboard.

    The trays! Don’t mind the faces being swapped.
    You can already see that the bootle- what an annoying word.
    Let’s call you by name, Bootleg Edition of the Necronomicon: Al Derpzif!

    Anyways, what I wanted to say was that the bootleg has washed out colors and the faces are as shiny as a baby’s bottom.

    I left out the bases there as they kept falling out, so let’s take a closer look at them.
    It is one thing bootleggers can’t lie about: Made in China.
    The original has al the copyright of Nitroplus on it + the made in china.
    It’s also a lot more clear than the one of Al Derpzif.

    Derpzif her stand also has cracks in the holder..
    Wouldn’t be surprised if it broke off any time during this comparison shoot.

    Holy Cthulhu, look at those Moeblobs!
    The difference is like comparing night to day!
    Derpzif her Shoggoth (The blob) is made of a cheap material and you can see a lot of.. junk (failing to find the right word here) inside of him.

    Have a shot of their backs, too.

    Moving to the helmets, if you read the last Derpzif article, you know the only problem Derpzif’s helmet had was that it wouldn’t stay stuck together, it was sticky and it had a lot of dust particles on it.
    It still has those problems.
    Azif her helmet on the otherhand is smooth, clean and DOES stay put together.

    Just look at Derpzif.. Her helmet barely stays on!
    It falls off even faster than her ribbons due the weight of the thing.

    Moving on to the faces that aren’t being worn right now..
    Just look at the eyes. LOOK AT THEM!
    Azif her eyes fade into a nicer gradient with the iris, while Derpzif does not.
    Also, Derpzif has smudges.

    And joints that fall apart too easily. Azif on the other hand, has sturdy joints.

    Last time I mentioned that I thought that maybe the placement of holes and pegs in the bottom & torso were a sign of bootleg.
    I was wrong.
    Though the torso of Derpzif still has a cut in its peg, like you could put a penny in it if she were a piggybank

    On closer inspection of her pantie- er, bottom, there is a noticeable difference between the two.
    The holes.

    With poses, Derpzifs only advantage is that she sits lower.
    Mainly because her leg pegs don’t fit all the way in, so she sits nicer.
    Though you could adjust it easily with Azif as well.

    So, 1st Edition of the Necronomicon, Al Azif! What is your verdict?

    Obviously, Bootlegs aren’t wanted.
    Al Derpzif:
    – Washed out paint.
    – Noticeable iris.
    – Inferior cheap Shoggoth (That’s the blob).
    – Faces as shiny as a baby’s bottom.
    – Falls apart easily.
    – REALLY falls apart easily.
    – No really. You don’t have to do a thing or her leg or ribbon or something else falls off!!
    – Eldritch Abominations live inside her head (The dirt from Part 1).
    – And she just falls apart.

    Good night!

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