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  • Al the Bootlegged Nendo

    Al the Bootlegged Nendo

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    Posted on: October 1, 2010 by Kam

    Today, let’s talk about bootlegs.
    A friend of mine managed to grab this one *very* cheap, so it’s not a waste of money.
    It’s more interesting to look at all the flaws. Though he had high hopes that it was legit, I pointed out all the wrong things while we were eating at McDonalds.
    So sorry, the box opened once already.
    But that doesn’t hurt much for this little article.

    Just from the box alone, someone who owns a few Nendoroids should already notice something is fishy.
    The lack of the shiny sticker that (most of the time) accompanies real Nendoroids, box a bit thinner than usual and of course.. The Nendoroid itself.

    This box also used normal tape, instead of the circle-ones they always have.
    The dents are of course from shipping..

    Nendoroid Al Azif comes with two extra faces, arms, a helmet, a blob (Sorry, I’m gonna read Demonbane when JastUSA is done with it, so I don’t know shit), helmet and the base.

    How do you know you have a bootleg?
    Quickest way after unpacking, check the base.

    If it says only Made in China, bootleg.

    Compare it with my legit Saber Lily.
    It always includes some type of copyright.

    Also by putting the two Nendoroids next to each other, Al’s more glossy.
    Her hair color is also more washed out than on the box.
    Another sign of Bootleg.
    But it doesn’t stop here..

    In the McDonalds, her parts were all over the box.. Her lower body wasn’t stuck, her leg was somewhere above her head. The ribbons on both sides of the box.. Chaos.

    She’s a very loose bootleg nendoroid.
    The joints also easily fall into two.

    Comparing it with Nendoroid Azusa’s, they both have the GSC smiley face, but the bootlegs one (the bottom) doesn’t reach the top of the other half at all.. Which explains it’s looseness, I guess.

    Their lower bodies are also different.
    First of all, the peg should be on the bottom. Not in the torso (No idea how it is with the real Al).
    Also the leg joints pierce through with the bootleg. Not with Azusa.

    As for arms, the rod of Al’s is longer than Lily’s.

    More bootleg quality..

    There’s also garbage inside her faces.

    Blob is of low quality plastic.. rubber.. whatever. (Well, everything in the box is..)
    Also, its eye isn’t horizontal like on the official photos.

    I liked the helmet somewhat, but they blew a load of dust on it when painting..
    Actually, it’s still kinda sticky.

    It also won’t stay on Al’s head 90% of the time.
    Well, same goes for her ribbons.. But that’s more 50/50.

    And finally, the faces contain scratches and dust.

    “Halp! I r bootleg!”

    “Go away! Stay away from me!”

    Just kidding. I wont treat her as a social reject.

    From afar, she looks quite normal with the others, actually.

    I still need those 2 Dollars guys. Please buy something off J-List through my banner~


    Edit: Now a comparison with the real Nendoroid Al Azif! <Clicky here>

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    4 Responses to “Al the Bootlegged Nendo”

    1. Alex says:

      LOL, nice article! Wa, there are so many differences that stand out compared to the original :( Fortunately the quality was worth it’s price! Haha

    2. Moniquekat (MK) says:

      That “halp! i r bootleg!” picture is too cute XD

      It’s troublesome that there isn’t really a true way to stop bootlegs. But I guess a good rule of thumb is; if the price is too good to be true, it probably is.

      On the plus side, I bet people who mod & customize figurines love bootlegs. They can use them and not worry about messing up the official one (and can probably do great justice to the bootleg XD)

    3. Kam says:

      If I could mod, I’d probably do the same.
      Shame they never make bootlegs of Male Figma.
      I read a lot of modders buy extra’s just for modding, which brings down the amount for people who actually want one to pose around with.

      Double-edged sword, eh.

    4. Nia says:

      I got a Azusa nendoroid bootley today xD In the box it was so pretty but then i saw on her shocked face one eye , the coulur was gone a bit . and always the moveable parts fall out … Well kind my first and last nendoroids . I will spent more money in little things like poster , buttons , cushions,trading figures, and comics *O*

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