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It's some deep shit.
Otaku Life
It’s some deep shit.
Posted on: May 26th, 2011 by Kam

Well, this is one pretty awesome season for anime!
AnoHana, Denpa Onna and Steins;Gate among others.
And the silly faces in Deadman Wonderland, hah.

However, not so awesome in my real life, as much as this video is trying to cheer me up.
Mainly because my mother is on her deathbed and I have zero luck at finding a job due inexperience in the field of said jobs (Sorry, only did school. No part-time jobs in there).
The despair of being the thinking-type!
On a lighter note, I’m.. Trying to learn to draw.
Only to butcher it up once more into SD. I’ll throw in some sketches at a later date.
But hey, at least I’ll learn how to draw hands and feet! I hate those limbs..

Try to keep the Requiem comic in your sight in the coming weeks.
I’m gonna attempt to get back in the rhythm.
Though not before I do a story overhaul, rip out the things that are unnecessary and get the damned plot moving on.

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