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  • Into the Retro 2: Universal Game Case

    Into the Retro 2: Universal Game Case

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    Posted on: September 23, 2018 by Kam

    As seen on Twitter!

    Continuing on from the last Retro post; I’ve updated my covers!
    Since I have a decent salary now (Hurrah), I decided to check out some copy shops in the area, and I happened to walk into one who were giving people 25 free full color prints, that week only.

    A sign of the ancient gods! Since I have exactly 25 UGCs (but not yet 25 N64 games to fill them with, so I had to pick what I was most likely going to buy in the future).

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    A breath of the wild

    A breath of the wild

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    Posted on: July 14, 2018 by Kam

    “It’s a statue, not a figurine!”

    With Yayifications of employment, comes the craze of preparing to buy stuff you couldn’t before.
    Planning to get a Switch with my first or second paycheck, followed by some new releases end of the year (You can probably guess which).
    But while gazing at these things online, I noticed a lone Breath of the Wild Limited Edition box still being sold (Still retail price, too!).

    So I bought it, without owning a Switch (yet).
    T-That bookcase can wait another month.. *Drowns in boxes*

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    HaHa! More status! ..and some anime

    HaHa! More status! ..and some anime

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    Posted on: July 2, 2018 by Kam

    Let’s try a new watermark and external border!

    Various topics, which mean multiple categories. Unfortunately I can’t select which to use for the header, so don’t mind it.

    So now I’ll be perfectly honest: I have no idea when the next comic will be. But that’s no surprise, right?
    I got some Joko (GW2) and Coffee Room comics lined up, but can’t find the drive to finish them :v
    Now summer is busting in as well, draining away the remaining energy I have left.. I can’t stand these temperatures.

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    The SAL Situation

    The SAL Situation

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    Posted on: June 22, 2018 by Kam

    Today I’ll be writing about the SAL Situation.

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    Status Report

    Status Report

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    Posted on: March 30, 2018 by Kam

    Well, there’s progress with the renovation.

    If everything goes alright, I should be able to begin prepping for another season of The Legend of Araragi-kun or general figure comics somewhere in April.

    Just finished painting the walls and we can start moving stuff this weekend.
    Once the furniture’s been moved, shelf-sizes can be calculated.
    So many boxes to unbox when the time comes..

    As for Anivoy T2.. Let’s say I’m struggling with nicknames. You’ll understand when it’s uploaded.
    Requiem still whenever, figuring out if I want to redesign some stuff.
    Also have an icebreaker in mind.

    A GW2 guildie gifted me the Tomb Raider reboot, which is an enjoyable playthrough.
    My only TR experiences are with 2 and 3 from the originals, and I never get far in those. Really not far. Like, Venice. I think I spend more time messing around in the Croft Mansion, thinking some object was a secret entrance.

    Damn, do the developers love having Lara fall off of high places.

    After Skyrim, I also picked up Oblivion. Guess I’ll be playing in reverse order!
    The EU (Or Dutch) edition of the Skyrim Legendary Edition box was.. Disappointing.
    No map of Skyrim. No sticker. Not even a manual. Just a paper with a steam code and the install cd.

    And now I find out the 5th Anniversary edition of Oblivion didn’t come with any physical extras either here.
    Everything was put on a dvd. I have to fucking print my own poster.
    Thanks, Zenimax Europe. Fucking cheapskates.

    Watch the same shit happen when I eventually get Morrowind.