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Status Report
Status Report
Posted on: March 30th, 2018 by Kam

Well, there’s progress with the renovation.

If everything goes alright, I should be able to begin prepping for another season of The Legend of Araragi-kun or general figure comics somewhere in April.

Just finished painting the walls and we can start moving stuff this weekend.
Once the furniture’s been moved, shelf-sizes can be calculated.
So many boxes to unbox when the time comes..

As for Anivoy T2.. Let’s say I’m struggling with nicknames. You’ll understand when it’s uploaded.
Requiem still whenever, figuring out if I want to redesign some stuff.
Also have an icebreaker in mind.

A GW2 guildie gifted me the Tomb Raider reboot, which is an enjoyable playthrough.
My only TR experiences are with 2 and 3 from the originals, and I never get far in those. Really not far. Like, Venice. I think I spend more time messing around in the Croft Mansion, thinking some object was a secret entrance.

Damn, do the developers love having Lara fall off of high places.

After Skyrim, I also picked up Oblivion. Guess I’ll be playing in reverse order!
The EU (Or Dutch) edition of the Skyrim Legendary Edition box was.. Disappointing.
No map of Skyrim. No sticker. Not even a manual. Just a paper with a steam code and the install cd.

And now I find out the 5th Anniversary edition of Oblivion didn’t come with any physical extras either here.
Everything was put on a dvd. I have to fucking print my own poster.
Thanks, Zenimax Europe. Fucking cheapskates.

Watch the same shit happen when I eventually get Morrowind.


Into the Retro
Into the Retro
Posted on: January 6th, 2018 by Kam

My first, latest, and also only home console that I own 100% myself is a Nintendo 64 (Shared one is a Magnavox Odyssey²/Philips Odyssey²/Philips Videopac G7000/Whatever they called it).
I got it on one of my birthdays with Mario 64 packed in, and Ocarina of Time as an extra.
At the least, my parents knew that having just a single game was a waste. Just like with my Gameboy being bundled with Tetris, and having Marioland 2 as an extra game.

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Winter Season is Coming?
Anime & Manga
Winter Season is Coming?
Posted on: December 11th, 2017 by Kam
Disclaimer: This was mostly written at the start of november and I forgot to publish it.
I’ve edited it a little for publishing today, but there might still be inconsistencies.
Also, spoilers.

Enter.. Winter season? We there already? Wow. Oh, this was Fall. Well fuck me.
Per usual, not going to list the sequels I’m watching unless it turned into a trainwreck.

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I don't even like idols that much
Anime & Manga
I don’t even like idols that much
Posted on: October 10th, 2017 by Kam

With last season over and having had my fill of Skyrim and Path of Fire, time for another blog post! Lots of spoilers.

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Dragons and Dragons
Dragons and Dragons
Posted on: September 21st, 2017 by Kam

Girls’ night out raiding a bandit hideout.

For 10 years I’ve been using the same PC, until it died end of last year.
Because I was using that PC I couldn’t really play many games that I was interested in.
So now that I’ve got this self-built (So proud) one with specs that should last me a while, I could finally play things like Skyrim!

Since it was on sale with all the expansions (Legendary) when I happened to take a look, I finally bought it. Dutch edition didn’t come with a map or anything though. That was disappointing.

And since installing I’ve kinda been playing it non-stop.
Sorry Liz, I failed you. And now Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire releases tomorrow (Still sad there was no physical prepurchase).

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