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  • Because I'm a Switcher

    Because I’m a Switcher

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    Posted on: November 17, 2019 by Kam

    Astral Chain pre-order bonus shirt, and a cheap €5 Mercy shirt, because why not.

    Decided to make it its own blogpost instead of editing the previous one.
    Switch loot!

    But before that, unfortunately.. the Roof Repair Saga continues on…
    Cause of all delays and stress. Now I’m hearing February.
    This better be the last damn date change, because my hair’s literally turning white from this shit.
    I’m also sick of the post ruining my NGNL merch.

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    Because I'm a Box Man

    Because I’m a Box Man

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    Posted on: October 16, 2019 by Kam

    ..and accidentally sat on Smol Link’s box later. This month’s been horrible luck-wise. Like Steph’s box’s side looking like a chainsaw went through it..

    Here’s almost everything I got the past half year. Can’t wait to actually open & display them once the roof’s done.
    Zoom-in’s after the break.

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    I want to get off Mr. Roofrepair's Wild Ride

    I want to get off Mr. Roofrepair’s Wild Ride

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    Posted on: October 4, 2019 by Kam

    Almost a year later and the roof’s still not repaired…..
    This was supposed to be fixed by April at latest!

    After inquiring, the bank and mortgage are arguing with each other. It’s similar to that you have to earn 3x the money of what you pay rent for or something.
    Well we’re soon getting news finally about whether we get the cash (and hopefully we do) and then (I heard) the repairs can start asap.

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    The Ballad of 3DS Games

    The Ballad of 3DS Games

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    Posted on: June 8, 2019 by Kam

    General Figure Comics briefly returns with the 3DS Woes Trilogy and Kyon’s quest to save Haruhi.
    Maybe Reycal vs Saber too.

    The last two are shorts that I had posted on figure.fm, but since that site’s as dead as a fish without water now, and I never uploaded them here… Might as well!
    The 3DS ones are new and self-suffering, but it gave me the opportunity to finally check if chroma-keying is a valid method with my current setup.

    It was not. Need moar lights.

    Sat-Mo: 3DS, Tue Wed: Kenshiro & Kyon, Th: Reycal.
    Maybe I can fill Friday with something too, gotta dig deep in that archive.

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    Goodbye, Kaichou!

    Goodbye, Kaichou!

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    Posted on: June 2, 2019 by Kam

    Switched it on/off during the weekend, but now it’s here to stay!
    Anime-Envoy.com Version 12: Becoming One with Anivoy.

    The main goal was to merge Anime-Envoy and Anivoy without.. Server fuckery.
    Because having loot photos with one url, but being shown/hosted on the other caused all kinds of WTFness.
    So I just went with similar looks. Unfortunately, we have to say goodbye to Kaichou’s radiant smile and oshiri.. OR DO WE!?
    Her legacy lives on, in a new Anime & Manga-category icon (which I have now future-proofed to add more to)!

    From now on, everything will be mainly marked as Anivoy. You can even see in the banner that Anime-Envoy has been sidelined!
    See it like.. Mikatan’s blog now being Kahotan’s blog, but everything is still linked as Mikatan.. y’know? <.<

    Anyways, I’m still messing with the sidebar (Mainly the Twitter timeline css, but too tired right now), so if something appears broken, give a shout.

    Only made with Firefox in mind. No idea if it all works in IE, Chrome, whatever.
    For now, I do not care. It’s hot, I’m tired and I have work tomorrow.