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  • A breath of the wild

    A breath of the wild

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    Posted on: July 14, 2018 by Kam

    “It’s a statue, not a figurine!”

    With Yayifications of employment, comes the craze of preparing to buy stuff you couldn’t before.
    Planning to get a Switch with my first or second paycheck, followed by some new releases end of the year (You can probably guess which).
    But while gazing at these things online, I noticed a lone Breath of the Wild Limited Edition box still being sold (Still retail price, too!).

    So I bought it, without owning a Switch (yet).
    T-That bookcase can wait another month.. *Drowns in boxes*

    I took a train to pick it up, since the store selling it was in another city.
    Some teens sat next to me, who proceeded to scream “SELFIE!!” every 10 seconds, making well, selfies.

    It was awful.

    Times like these make me wish it was ten years ago.

    In the store, the clerk brought over the box and I noticed it was opened.
    Think he said it was displayed on the demo station. Everything inside the main box was still sealed though.
    The statue’s box has a price sticker on it, so maybe the contents were laid out for display or something like the promo shots.

    On the way back, a weird kid started talking to me about France.
    Afterwards, I assumed it was a dare put on him by his friends in the back. This wasn’t the first time someone made a comment about France towards me (I wear a hat that apparently makes people think I’m french. It’s not even a beret!).
    Well, either that or they were trying to rob me. Can’t trust kids in sewer-looking train stations.

    At home I finally checked if the statue was intact (many people apparently had broken flowers), but mine’s fine.
    Back in the box, with the other figures. Waiting for that bookcase that’s delayed another month..
    A shame Nintendo gave up on game manuals. Love those things.

    I’m still jelly America gets the better non-standard editions.
    Maps, coins, pouches, books.. Europe getting shafted as usual. *Glares at his TES games that might as well have been empty cases*

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